Blooming Leila in My Heart

Things I know, with utter certainty, that I shouldn’t be doing: looking at other dolls. I don’t do nearly enough with my little Claire (although we’ll both be at Dolpa soon~) and I still cling to my Nono dream. Additionally, a Mi-chan will be coming home with me when we return from the event.

But sometimes, other dolls are so tempting! Continue reading »

The Nono Saga Continues

There’s a nagging thought in my mind that’s been driving me crazy–a little voice that whispers, “You want a Volks Nono.”

I try very hard to ignore the voice. I really enjoy Claire, and although I haven’t taken pictures of her in a while or purchased anything lately, she isn’t forgotten. Indeed, the only reason I haven’t purchased anything for her in a month or so is because I decided instead to purchase some things for myself and because the things I had in mind for her are sold out! (Darn that White Rose Collection gray school uniform… I know I’ll have to pay extra for it on the second-hand market… ;_; *sob*) I wonder to myself, “Should she own any lolita clothing? Where can I find cute shoes for her chubby feet?” She sits on my lap while I work on homework; my husband pats her head when he passes by. Continue reading »

Off She Goes!

It feels a little bit odd knowing in the house right now. I’ve finally made the decision to do it, so Claire is on her way to a customizer for new makeup. I was lucky enough to be able to commission one of my favourite face-up artists–Zingor! :3 I really admire her work–particularly because of her eyebrows. She paints some of the loveliest eyebrows I’ve seen–good shape, good detail of the individual hairs, and good placement. Even though it might sound silly, the eyebrows really matter to me! The default “Nagisa in Preschool” eyebrows bothered me so much. I couldn’t stand how they are thicker and darker on the outer edge; it looks so unnatural. Continue reading »

Clothing Challenges

Lately I almost find myself wanting another doll out of sheer frustration at the lack of adorable clothing for the Volks Mini Super Dollfie size. Although Volks themselves makes some gorgeous, adorable outfits–in fact there are several that I am quite enamored with for the current Dolpa 22–there isn’t always wide availability. Most outfits are limited in some way; perhaps if not in release, then in overall distribution. I can’t always find what I’m looking for on the website. Continue reading »

Enabling Dolly Tendencies in Others

When I purchased my first doll, I didn’t really talk about her all that much. Although I knew a few people who owned ball-jointed dolls, my friends are primarily interested in lolita fashion; there is a bit of a stigma attached with owning ball-jointed dolls, at times. I think it is due to the often-hated stereotype that lolita girls carry dolls and stuffed animals around with them. (I’ve really never seen anyone just toting around a plushie for the fun of it when dressed nicely… I think it would be hard to coordinate with your outfit!) Also, buying something expensive like a doll means money not spent on lolita clothing, and as some people spend every last penny on the fashion, they might not understand. Continue reading »

Sentimental Feelings

Relaxing Out of Doors
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I still have a hard time explaining how things were with my first doll, Claudia. I realize that I’ve been a very vocal advocate of Rosette Doll, and I still am. I still think they make an amazing product. My experience with the company has been overwhelmingly positive despite the very long shipping wait time dealing with a brand new company (although they are a SOOM subsidiary). I think that the Rosette Dolls are gorgeous and well worth a long wait, even with an imprecise shipping date. I still think that Violet is the most beautiful of the Rosette Dolls, and I absolutely love her beyond a doubt. Continue reading »

Oh That Waiting Game

While waiting for my auction to arrive to and be shipped from Crescent Shop, I’ve been completely fixated on dolls and doll accessories. I’ve browsed the wig section of every major ball-jointed doll retailer. I’ve overloaded my internet browser with tab after tab of meticulously photographed doll outfits…most of which are out of stock anyway. I’ve scrutinized the measurements of every “MSD”-sized shoe, wondering which would fit on my incoming doll’s chubby little feet. My person suffered through discussion after discussion about the “right” kind of items for the doll who wasn’t even in transit yet. Continue reading »

Creating a Character within a Doll

While I’m waiting for news of my recent purchase, I can’t stop thinking about all of the possibilities for her. Unlike most ball-jointed doll owners, I don’t have characters in mind when I purchase dolls.

I’ve only ever been an extremely casual writer, and the attachment to my characters isn’t one where I hope to embody them. I find that the majority of ball-jointed doll owners (or at least those who are most visible) are writers with a desire to see their beloved characters in a tangible form. These are the people who plan every aspect of a doll down to the last detail. They don’t only know what colour eyes their doll should have–they know the price shade, depth, and speckling that should be present. They hunt endlessly for that perfect wig, frowning at a shade that is slightly off in tint, and contenting themselves that the current wig will be a placeholder until they find the right one. Continue reading »