Searching for Scenery

Among the Clouds
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Now that I’m out of school for the summer, I started hunting for good settings in my area to take pictures of my Claudia. Taking pictures of my doll is one of my favourite activities to do with her, because it is one of the few things that I can share with other people. I am not yet at the point where I can properly illustrate the storyline I imagine for her, and I haven’t anyone to play with. No-one would want to hear my mindless babblings about the detail on her tiny clothing and my utter inability to replicate such a level of detail. So instead, I take pictures and upload them to my beloved Flickr account.

However, I don’t want to take just any old picture, as I mentioned in a previous post. I don’t think of myself as a photographer in the slightest, but I always have something in mind when I take pictures. A few photos with flash in a dimly-lit hallway just make me feel disappointed. Continue reading »