As a long term fan of Sailor Moon, the 20th anniversary events and merchandise are a continual temptation. If I were a collector of figures, this would be a very wallet-draining year. However, as much as I adore Sailor Moon, I do not actively or aggressively collect items related to this series. I do make an exception for toy versions of in-show props–I have a Cutie Moon Rod from the 90s and one or two brooches from the same era. Typically the second-hand prices of these items keep me from purchasing them. I continually hoped that these items would be redesigned and released for the 20th anniversary… and I was not disappointed.

PROPLICA Moon Stick Box Front

This is the front of the product’s box. I particularly like the design of the Moon Stick silhouette comprised of small symbols and sparkles representative of the Sailor Moon series.

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A Tale of F-12: The Arrival

I was absolutely thrilled when my shopping service informed me that my Full-Choice System (FCS) order had shipped! I don’t really have trouble with being patient, and for dolls I try to be very open about how long it might take for the order to be processed. I didn’t expect my FCS order to be ready until late August, potentially being shipped to me in early September, so this was quite a lovely surprise!

I ordered my FCS via Enya on Den of Angels. She was offering a Tenshi no Sato shopping service, and the limited reintroduction of the F-12 MSD head was only available at the Tenshi no Sato location.

I was very pleased with Enya’s shopping service. She communicated well during all aspects of my order–when I had questions before placing the order, when I placed the order, when she traveled to Sato, when she placed the order at Sato, when my doll arrived to her when the order was complete, and when my doll was shipped to me. At no point did I feel that I was “in the dark” or unaware of what was going on. I feel that she communicated my wishes well, as there were no complications with my order. My new F-12 is absolutely perfect in every way. I’ve read about people being less-than-satisfied with the faceup results for custom faceups requested through FCS, but my doll’s faceup is absolutely everything I want it to be. If I were going to order another FCS I would consider Enya as my first choice to order via.

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Rocking Horse Shoe Saga

As mentioned in an earlier post, I was thrilled to find a pair of black Volks x BABY the Stars Shine Bright rocking horse shoes for sale at Dollfie World, and purchased them immediately. I ordered on May 9, and opted for registered airmail instead of EMS. I usually choose EMS for overseas shipments. It’s pricey, but it’s also very fast, insured, and reliable. I don’t mind paying more for that peace of mind. I didn’t choose EMS for this purchase, however,  because I didn’t need the shoes by a certain date and the jump in pricing from airmail to EMS was nearly quadruple! Continue reading »

Volks USA Review

It’s official–I love ordering from Volks USA! Their process is so well-automated and smooth. I like the automated emails, easy to understand shopping cart system, and the way tracking is integrated into the order status. It’s never a hassle, but whenever I have had to contact the company directly they’re so polite and prompt. Continue reading »

Volks USA Review

On the evening of Sunday, November 8, I placed an order with Volks USA for several restringing supplies, an MSD-sized wig, and an MSD-sized dress.

Everything went well during check out process, but when I woke up on Monday morning I realized that I had forgotten to ask for any of the Super Dollfie instructional manga in the comments field. I emailed Volks USA Monday morning and asked if they would be able to include the relevant manga in my package. I promptly received a reply acknowledging my request and stating that the pamphlets would be added to my order. Continue reading »

Crescent Shop Review

On Friday, October 30, a friend of mine was nice enough to drop by my house to let me borrow clothing for an event the next day–a Halloween-related tea party. She was even nicer, and brought with several of her Volks ball-jointed dolls so that I could see them in person. I had just recently attended a ball-jointed doll meetup for our area, curious to see Volks dolls in the Super Dollfie and Mini Super Dollfie sizes, but I still had questions. It’s lovely to see other people’s dolls, and everyone at the meetup was very nice, but I was too anxious about harming someone’s precious possession to hold, pose, and really examine the dolls I was most curious about. It’s much easier to do something like this with a friend, who knows you better and thus has more trust…and it’s less embarrassing to ask stupid questions! Continue reading »