About My Dolls

I wrote up a few profiles for my dolls. Profile-writing is something I am not terribly fond of, and my dolls are (for the most part) not detailed characters, but I’ve found that having these profiles is at least a nice reference for me. ♥ Maybe you’ll enjoy reading them, too~

Dolls in My Home

Mimette (Mimi) – Volks Nono
Rina – Volks F-12
Coco – Volks Super Dollfie Miruku
Elsa – Volks Yo Tenshi Una

My Former Dolls

Claudia – Rosette Doll Violet
Unnamed – Volks Mii-chan
Clover – Pullip Romantic Alice
Thistle – Pullip Romantic Alice Pink ver.
Claire – Volks Nagisa
Lily – Volks Ms. Mariko