Lily and her Friend

On the Dollfie Dreams forum, which I really enjoy being a part of, Chibinezumi started a thread for “candid” pictures of your dolls. I thought this was a really cute idea, so I decided to take a picture of Lily caught unaware.

Lily and Mimi can generally share most wigs, even though Lily’s head is quite a bit smaller than Mimi’s, but I prefer it when Lily wears the black wig that I bought for her. I really like the contrast of the dark hair and her pale white skin. I do worry about staining from her wearing such a dark wig, however, so I don’t keep it on her all the time. For a while I kept her in a blonde wig (Mimi’s Nono default wig), but the bangs really need to be trimmed so it isn’t very flattering. As a result, she’s often wig-less. I think she looks adorable even bald, so it doesn’t bother me–but she doesn’t feel the same way.

Camera: *Click!*

Caught Unaware

Lily: Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! Continue reading »

Clover and Thistle Move On

Romantic Alice

Well, it was fun having Pullips in the house again, but I think they’re just not the right type of doll for me. Clover and Thistle have moved on to another house. They had spent too many months as decorations on my desk, and as much as seeing their cute little faces as I worked or played was amusing, it seemed wasteful. I really prefer to have dolls that I like to photograph or change the clothing of. Clover and Thistle had become decor more than dolls. Continue reading »