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Lolita Fashion

Pink ♥ Milk ♥ Tea (lolita fashion blog)

ChiGothLoli (Chicago lolita community at LiveJournal)

Chicago Lolita Fashion (photo group on Flickr)

Toys and Ribbons

My Little Pony Wish List

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Wish List

Black Sun Games Forums (Ponyopolis RPG and Synthetic Angel RPG)

Game Characters

Long-Range Heavy Blaster Chloris (for Synthetic Angel)

Sailor Phobos (for Moonless Sky)

Pink Peach (for Ponyopolis)

Milk Tea (for Ponyopolis)

Sailor Moon Related

Moonless Sky RPG Forums (Sailor Moon based roleplaying game)

Shades of Pink (Chibi Usa Blanks by Aurae)

Chibi Power, MAKE UP! (Sailor Moon fan-characters)

Sailor Aranis (Sailor Moon fan-character)

Sailor Aurora (Sailor Moon fan-character)