Here Comes Christmas

Trusty Purple Steed
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A certain small doll had a very fulfilling Christmas this year, which I particularly enjoyed because I really had hoped to spoil Claire for her first Christmas. (Hopefully there will be many more with her. I do feel attached to her, but I can’t help worrying that in a few months or so I’ll be entertaining thoughts of sending her to a new home. I really want to be contented and have a doll I can enjoy.) It was nice that I didn’t have to spoil her all on my own, though!

When it comes to Christmas presents, my mother is a let-me-find-the-perfect-thing-with-hard-work-and-love kind of giver, while my father is a tell-me-what-you-want-and-where-to-buy-it kind of giver. This means that I never really know what I’m getting from my mother, regardless of hints I might drop, but that I better not tell her what I’ve outlined for my father, or I risk duplicates. However, items requested from my father are not 100% set in stone–sometimes he likes to try his hand at getting creative while other times the items in question are out of stock and he substitutes. This year, I asked my father for some items from Volks USA–the website is easy to order from, so I knew it wouldn’t be too much of a problem as long as things were still in stock. Continue reading »

Clothing Challenges

Lately I almost find myself wanting another doll out of sheer frustration at the lack of adorable clothing for the Volks Mini Super Dollfie size. Although Volks themselves makes some gorgeous, adorable outfits–in fact there are several that I am quite enamored with for the current Dolpa 22–there isn’t always wide availability. Most outfits are limited in some way; perhaps if not in release, then in overall distribution. I can’t always find what I’m looking for on the website. Continue reading »

Enabling Dolly Tendencies in Others

When I purchased my first doll, I didn’t really talk about her all that much. Although I knew a few people who owned ball-jointed dolls, my friends are primarily interested in lolita fashion; there is a bit of a stigma attached with owning ball-jointed dolls, at times. I think it is due to the often-hated stereotype that lolita girls carry dolls and stuffed animals around with them. (I’ve really never seen anyone just toting around a plushie for the fun of it when dressed nicely… I think it would be hard to coordinate with your outfit!) Also, buying something expensive like a doll means money not spent on lolita clothing, and as some people spend every last penny on the fashion, they might not understand. Continue reading »