Special Delivery

Special Uniform [6]
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Yesterday Claudia and I received a very special package from Rosette Doll. In early March, just a bit past Valentine’s Day, I had ordered a clothing set from the company. They posted a cute story about festivities that occur at the school during Valentine’s Day, from the usual chocolate gift-giving to a special celebration for the principal’s birthday.

To celebrate this occasion, the students wear a special uniform in a rich chocolate-brown shade. This was the first outfit offered for sale on the company’s website, and I was very eager to own another outfit that I knew would perfectly fit my doll’s odd proportions. It also was in my favor that I adore dark brown–especially because the style of the drop-waisted sailor uniform looks especially nice in a darker color. The pale trim on the skirt, collar, and sleeves shows up for a striking contrast. I placed the order and waited.

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