Repair for Claire

Poor, poor Claire hadn’t spent much time out of her box last month. Earlier in the month, while idling around, I changed her wig–and when I did so, the “schpitt” magnet system in her head was damaged. Although she hasn’t been in my possession very long and was previously un-opened, Nagisa in Preschool was released on March 18, 2007. It seems that the glue holding the metal washer in place at the top of her head aged; I removed the wig, set it aside, and while she was untouched her headcap slipped off. When I picked it up, I saw that the metal washer was attached to the magnet in the headcap, not to her head. Continue reading »

NYC Dolpa 4

I can’t stop thinking about the NYC Dolls’ Party. The tickets go on sale this weekend, and oh-my-goodness-goodness I really want to go. More than I’ve wanted to attend anything…except for Toy Fair, which I will never go to because I don’t work in the industry. ;_____; *sniffle* This at least I wouldn’t have to pull strings to get a ticket for. Continue reading »

The Nono Saga Continues

There’s a nagging thought in my mind that’s been driving me crazy–a little voice that whispers, “You want a Volks Nono.”

I try very hard to ignore the voice. I really enjoy Claire, and although I haven’t taken pictures of her in a while or purchased anything lately, she isn’t forgotten. Indeed, the only reason I haven’t purchased anything for her in a month or so is because I decided instead to purchase some things for myself and because the things I had in mind for her are sold out! (Darn that White Rose Collection gray school uniform… I know I’ll have to pay extra for it on the second-hand market… ;_; *sob*) I wonder to myself, “Should she own any lolita clothing? Where can I find cute shoes for her chubby feet?” She sits on my lap while I work on homework; my husband pats her head when he passes by. Continue reading »