She Has Arrived

Well, that much-awaited day finally arrived. My package from Crescent Shop was delivered safely, and I now have a Volks MSD “Nagisa in Preschool” to call my own.

Yesterday started off a bit on the rough side. I had left the city to visit relatives on Friday night, hoping to return Saturday morning. I don’t own a car because I use public transportation, but this means that when I am out in the suburbs I am subject to the whims of whoever is kind enough to take me to the train station. I had plans for part of the day, so I couldn’t stay out until any old time, but I didn’t end up on a train heading back in until just after noon~ I worried the whole way, because I had an appointment to meet with Claudia’s new owner and transfer her. Continue reading »

Crescent Shop Review

On Friday, October 30, a friend of mine was nice enough to drop by my house to let me borrow clothing for an event the next day–a Halloween-related tea party. She was even nicer, and brought with several of her Volks ball-jointed dolls so that I could see them in person. I had just recently attended a ball-jointed doll meetup for our area, curious to see Volks dolls in the Super Dollfie and Mini Super Dollfie sizes, but I still had questions. It’s lovely to see other people’s dolls, and everyone at the meetup was very nice, but I was too anxious about harming someone’s precious possession to hold, pose, and really examine the dolls I was most curious about. It’s much easier to do something like this with a friend, who knows you better and thus has more trust…and it’s less embarrassing to ask stupid questions! Continue reading »

Increasing Excitement!

This is one of the best things I have seen in a long time!!!

When I logged into Crescent Shop and checked the status of my pending shipment (which is still “processing”), I saw a new and ~beautiful~ icon. An icon that had not previously existed. An icon that proclaims that my Nagisa in Preschool will be packed up soon! Continue reading »