2011 Doll Resolutions

I’ve set a few goals for this year that are specifically related to my dolls. There are things that I really like about my dolls, and things that really frustrate me about my dolls. I’m aiming to take care of the things that really frustrate me so that I can overall enjoy my dolls much more~ Sometimes it’s tempting to alleviate those kinds of feelings by purchasing new dolls, but that is not what I want to do. Continue reading »

Shoes that Rock

I haven’t posted here in a very long while because I made the decision to stop write about my dolls. I thought it was taking time and effort away from my other writing, which I find much more interesting and engaging, and here I have no audience–no-one reads this except for me! This doesn’t mean that I was any less involved in the hobby, though; I’ve actually been doing quite a bit with my dolls and have been enjoying myself very much~ ★ My mind is constantly whirling with thoughts and ideas…enough that it was getting a bit annoying. I realized that I benefit from having a place to write this down, so I’m back~ Continue reading »