Mi-chan Musings and Dolpa Excitement

As Dolpa gets closer and closer, I get more and more excited! It’s amazing to think that it’s only about a week and a half away~ ♥ I wish I had more spending money, but since I’m not buying another doll I’m not really all that concerned. I should have enough for new clothes and such for my girl. Even if I can’t get everything that catches my eye, it won’t be the end of the world! I don’t need to own these things, really. They’re just fun. Nothing ever entices me with as strong of a hold as, say, lolita fashion. And this is nothing compared to my My Little Pony sprint a few years ago. That was madness! Continue reading »

NYC Dolpa 4

I can’t stop thinking about the NYC Dolls’ Party. The tickets go on sale this weekend, and oh-my-goodness-goodness I really want to go. More than I’ve wanted to attend anything…except for Toy Fair, which I will never go to because I don’t work in the industry. ;_____; *sniffle* This at least I wouldn’t have to pull strings to get a ticket for. Continue reading »