A Witchy Little Christmas

Are You Sure I'm Not a Present?

There’s someone tiny sneaking in the presents!

One of the things I’m really enjoying about my Pure Neemo is her size~ When I was little most of my favourite toys were fairly tiny–I adored Polly Pocket back when they came in compacts and actually fit in a little girl’s pocket. I loved stories like The Borrowers about teeny-tiny people or creatures using “human-sized” things. The size of the Pure Neemo dolls makes me think back on all of those smaller creatures living in a big world.

I thought back on those memories when I was taking pictures of Katyusha. The background was dark red, and seeing her white outfit against the red immediately made me think of Christmastime–things like candy canes and snowflakes on Santa hats! I started thinking about how cute she would look with other holiday-themed props. I went through my box of decorations and set things up–and it all turned out basically exactly the way I was envisioning it. Now I wish I had decided to send out Christmas cards this year, because I’ve got a few pictures that I would have loved to print on postcards or cards. Oh well! Maybe next year~ Continue reading »

Naming the Little Witch

Oh, What's That?

It’s time to celebrate–both the holiday and finally naming the littlest doll!

It’s been months, but the newest and smallest doll finally has a name. I’ve been trying to think of a name for her since she first arrived in early September. Naming dolls is always something I struggle with. I can think up plenty of potential names, but selecting one and actually sticking with it is hard. I realize that I could experiment and continually rename, but that tends to be too confusing for me to keep up with. If a doll’s name isn’t the “right” name, I simply forget it! Then I’m constantly struggling to remember what it was, if I can remember it at all. It just doesn’t stick.

I went through many options for the Pure Neemo doll–at first I considered lunar or celestial names. Her white hair and outfit reminded me of the moon…but I couldn’t come up with anything that seemed “right.” (I also have really strong associations with Sailor Moon, as that’s my favourite series ever, so anytime I tried to pick a lunar-inspired name that was what came to mind immediately, and the doll doesn’t really remind me of any characters from the series.)

I also considered a number of floral names, as that was a theme I used for quite a while prior to this doll. My Dollfie Dream is named Lily, and my Pullips also had floral names. There were numerous white flowers out there, and the Victorian ideas of “the language of flowers” can be useful when naming. However, none of the flowers or flower-inspired names that I read were what I was looking for. Continue reading »