♥ Claire – Volks Mini Super Dollfie Nagisa ♥

ClaireName: Claire
Name Origin: Latin; “Brilliant” – Suggested by my husband ♥
Name Pronunciation: klair
Birthday: Saturday, November 14, 2009
Age: 7
Sex: Female

Claire is my cute little girl. ♥

Purchased: Yahoo!Japan Auctions
Order Date: October 31, 2009
Arrival Date: November 14, 2009
Sale Date: February 26, 2014

Type: Nagisa in Preschool
Body Type: Volks MSD Pureskin / UV Protect (stock)
Skin Color: Normal Skintone (stock)
Makeup: Zingor
Aesthetics: None
Eyes: HG Glass Eyes / Blue with Black Line / 18mm (stock)
Wigs: Volks W-117N-16T (Long Natural Wave – Cream), Volks W-087N-16T (Short Bob – Cream), Volks W-45N GOLD (Pigtails with Ribbons – Honey Gold), Volks W-45N 10 (Pigtails with Ribbons – Natural Gold), and Volks W-130C-M33/12 (Natural Waffle – Rich Brown)

Favorite Color: Violet
Loves: Fire trucks
Hates: Pickles
Hobbies: Reading stories, playing with cars, drinking tea, and having fun!

I’ve always been a fan of Volks SD Nono, but I wasn’t initially willing to make the purchase of such a large doll. My first doll had been a slender, elegant young lady, but I wanted something cuter and younger. I liked the style of most 25cm-ish dolls, but not their size. I had the opportunity to interact with a Volks MSD, and realized I loved the proportions…but I wasn’t fond of most of the faces. I thought I’d wait and wait and maybe they’d release a FCS head that I’d like–but then I spotted Nagisa while browsing Volks sculpts! I was lucky enough to find a fullset Nagisa in Preschool on Yahoo!Japan Auctions that same day, and luckily I won the auction!

Now Claire is my “cute little girl” doll~ She poses wonderfully, even without suede or further adjustments. I adore the Volks body sculpt–she has a lot of substance and such an astounding level of detail! I had her repainted, and her new makeup gives her an expression that always melts my heart. My husband is particularly fond of her.

I ultimately sold Claire–despite all the jokes about Claire having fear of being sold–because I lost interest in her after ordering my MSD through FCS. I wasn’t at a point where I was interested in owning multiple dolls of the same type.

Claire’s Pictures (on Flickr)