♥ Claudia – Rosette Doll Violet ♥

Claudia DarlingName: Claudia Darling
Name Origin: Latin; “Lame” & “Darling” has always been one of my favourite surnames.
Name Pronunciation: klaw-dee-ah dahr-ling
Birthday: Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Age: 13
Sex: Female

Level: 1st Year
Department: Science

Claudia is the illegitimate child of two very famous scientists, neither of whom have time in their schedule for or a desire to raise a child. She has lived her life thus far under the tutelage of a governess in the home of her mother. Upon turning 13 she was enrolled in Rosette School and sent off to its distant grounds.

She does not get along very well with the other students, due to a combination of unwillingness on behalf of the other girls and her own social awkwardness. Although she was accepted to the Science department based on the merit of her parents, Claudia is far from the protege others expect her to be. She harbors a secret dream of entering the Music department and furthering her training as a violinist.

Purchased: Rosette Doll website
Purchase Date: December 17, 2008
Arrival Date: March 17, 2009
Sale Date: November, 2009

Type: Spring Term Violet 2009
Body Type: Rosette Doll Girl Body (stock)
Skin Color: Normal Skintone (stock)
Makeup: [LE]Spring Term (stock)
Aesthetics: None
Eyes: SOOM Silicone Eyes / Midnight / 14mm
Wigs: Modified DollHeart YW-41 (Updo with Braids – Blonde) and DollHeart YW-42 (Ringlet Ponytail – Blonde)

Favorite Color: Lilac
Loves: Sunshine
Hates: Group projects
Hobbies: Escapism, wandering through the woods, playing violin, and hiding in the attic~

Claudia was my first doll; when I saw SOOM’s Rosette Dolls I was immediately drawn to Violet. I thought I’d have to admire her from afar, but somehow I found myself in possession of enough money to afford to buy her, so home to me she came. It was an interesting process–there was a lot of suspicion when the Rosette Doll site was first put up, as their association to SOOM wasn’t immediately apparent. The wait times were very long, as well. Also, the Rosette Dolls are such a funny size–47.5cm and with exaggerated lanky proportions. Everything about her appealed to me, however.

I sold Claudia because I realized that she was not the sort of doll that I’d buy clothing for and amuse myself with from time to time. She was the sort of doll that I’d dress up in her best and keep her in a display on a shelf. Personally, I don’t like to own display items. Also, Claudia felt like she had a story, but I don’t have the skill to express it–and my inability to do so was making me frustrated. I don’t regret buying Claudia, not in the least, but I think she just wasn’t the right sort of doll for me. It happens.

Claudia’s Pictures (on Flickr)