♥ Clover – Pullip Romantic Alice ♥

CloverName: Clover
Name Origin: Small green plants that bloom tiny white flowers. The Victorians associated the meaning “I promise” to the white clover. I’m very fond of clovers and shamrocks, and CLAMP’s Clover is one of my favourite stories.
Name Pronunciation: kloh-ver
Birthday: Saturday, August 27, 2011
Age: 15
Sex: Female

Clover is an innocently macabre ailing young Victorian girl.

Clover is the elder sister of my “Romantic Alice” girls. She is chronically ill, but dreams of adventure and exploration like that which their father embarks on. Her dearest wish is that she will someday be well enough to travel with him. Due to his influences, she enjoys learning about history and mysticism. Very little frightens her; she is cheerfully curious about all things.

Purchased: PullipStyle
Purchase Date: August 21, 2011
Arrival Date: August 26, 2011
Open Date: August 27, 2011

Type: Romantic Alice
Body Type: (stock)
Makeup: (stock)
Aesthetics: None
Eyechips: (stock)
Wigs: (stock)

Favorite Color: Summer rose
Loves: Letters from father
Hates: Cats
Hobbies: Reading about adventurers, knitting, being with her sister, and wishing~

Before I owned ball-jointed dolls, I owned Pullips. I became interested in them after seeing pictures from other My Little Pony collectors–Pullips and My Little Pony are hobbies that often have some overlap, for some reason. A few years later I stopped buying Pullips and sold the ones that I had owned. I still liked the general style of the dolls, however, so I kept up on new releases and other information. I never thought I would buy Pullips again…but when I saw Romantic Alice, that changed. She has everything I prefer for a Pullip–natural-toned makeup, a wavy and long wig, large-pupil eyes, and a detailed and girly outfit. I didn’t pre-order her, thinking I could resist, but when she was finally back in stock I purchased her.

I’ve discovered that I’m not fond of the type 4 body, so I’m hoping to replace it, but I want to make sure that she can still wear her gorgeous stock outfit. I’d like to think that Clover has a “forest girl” style, and I’m hoping that I can find more outfits for her with that impression. She has a sister, Romantic Alice Pink ver., and I’m hoping that luck will be on my side and I can own both of them. I’d like to potentially create characters for a photo-story.

At one point Clover was on a Obitsu 25cm soft bust (M), which was very beautiful but had a really hard time supporting her head and heavy hair. When I received her sister, I swapped her back onto her stock body.

Clover’s Pictures (on Flickr)