♥ Elsa – Volks Yo Tenshi Una ♥

profile_elsaName: Elsa
Name Origin: Short form of Elisabet; Greek; “My God Is an Oath”
Name Pronunciation: el-sah
Birthday: Monday, August 5, 2013
Age: 4
Sex: Female

Elsa is a little angel with a sweet disposition~

Purchased: Yahoo!Japan Auction
Order Date: June 25, 2015
Arrival Date: July 6, 2015

Type: YoTenshi Una 2nd Makeup Version
Body Type: YoTenshi Origin Body / Non-Jointed / Suwarikko (stock)
Skin Colour: White / Pureskin / UV Protect (stock)
Makeup: Zoukeimura Airbrush Makeup (stock)
Wings: Cherry Blossom Colour / Jointed (stock)
Aesthetics: None
Eyes: HG Glass Eyes / Dark Blue with Black Line / 16mm (stock)
Wig: Volks M100 (Original Style Light Gold, SDCute Size) (stock)

Favorite Color: Cherry blossom pink
Loves: Dessert
Hates: Naps
Hobbies: Storytime, looking adorable, eating cake, and singing

When Una was released in 2011, I really fell for that cute little face. Somehow, it didn’t seem to matter that Una is a “Four Sisters” sculpt. She’s physically identical to Megu, Nana, Sara, and Kira. Her only difference is being cast in white skin. Despite that, I like Una in a way I have never cared for the other 4 dolls. I’m not even that partial to white skin! But as a Tenshi no Sato YoTenshi, I knew that my chances of ever owning Una were so slim that I didn’t give it much thought. Sometimes I’d see a sales post or auction for her, look at the fact that it was over 100,000 JPY, and sigh.

The Tenshi no Sato 11th anniversary event on June 21, 2015 changed that. Volks provided a number of dolls at this event and Yahoo!Japan Auctions showed it. I had been watching Volks post pictures on Instagram and Twitter, looking dreamily at that little face, and when it became apparent that there were Una dolls to be had without paying a small fortune… I decided to try for it. That’s how a small angel from Tenshi no Sato was redirected to this country and settled here. ♥

Elsa’s Pictures (on Flickr)