♥ Lily – Volks Dollfie Dream Sister Ms. Mariko ♥

LilyName: Lily
Name Origin: Latin; from the flower, a symbol of purity
Name Pronunciation: lil-ee
Birthday: Monday, April 9, 2012
Age: 15
Sex: Female

Lily is sweet, shy, and easily startled. ♥

Purchased: Volks USA via Kerbey Lane
Lottery Entry Date: December 9, 2011
Lottery Notification Date: December 30, 2011
Arrival Date: April 9, 2012

Type: Ms. Mariko / Mariko Sensei
Body Type: Volks DDS White Skintone (stock)
Bust Type: DDII-B-03S / Bust / White Skintone
Makeup: Zoukeimura Airbrush Makeup (stock)
Aesthetics: None
Eyes: Volks Animetic / “Ms. Mariko” Original Design / 22mm (stock)
Wigs: Volks “Ms. Mariko” Original (Natural Gold), WigWing WM-88 (Natural Black), Volks W-04-613 (Curl -Ivory)

Favorite Color: Lavender
Loves: Nature
Hates: Loud noises
Hobbies: Playing solitaire, quiet contemplation, people-watching, and reading old-fashioned romance stories

Before I owned larger ball-jointed dolls, I owned Pullips. It’s common to put Pullip heads onto Obitsu bodies; the pose-ability and durability is better than most of the stock bodies. Obitsu has a very large selection of bodies in the 23cm – 27cm range…but they also make larger dolls. A particular wig retailer, Can Can J-Series, often showed their wig styles modeled on a Pullip with a 1/3 scale body. I was absolutely entranced. I thought it made the doll very beautiful to have the shape of the Pullip head on a body of the “correct” scale rather than the tinier body. When RequiemArt modified her “big Pullip” onto a 50cm Obitsu body I was similarly taken. When looking at these larger Obitsu bodies I noticed Volks’ Dollfie Dream line. I thought they were interesting, and appreciated the pose-ability of an internal armature, but opted not to pursue them. On the whole there were no larger vinyl heads, Obitsu or Volks, that I liked the look of.

The announcement of new Dollfie Dreams has been something I’ve followed tangentially, because I’m interested in the Dolpa announcements for SD and MSD clothing and shoes. Usually I click in to look at the limited dolls, Super Dollfie or Dollfie Dream, and then move on. For Doll’s Party 26 I checked the offerings when they went up on Volks USA’s website prior to the lottery, scrolled down to see the new SDGrG Nono dolls…and froze. Even from the tiny preview image of Ms. Mariko, I was struck. Honestly, she’s even more adorable in person. I love her wide-eyed, timid expression.

Lily’s Pictures (on Flickr)