♥ Mimette – Volks Super Dollfie Nono ♥


Name: Mimette “Mimi”
Name Origin:
Variant of “Mimete,” the name of a villain from Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon; derived from the mineral Mimetite.
Name Pronunciation:
Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mimi is merry, bright, and utterly adorable.

Purchased: Volks Doll’s Party in New York City 4
Purchase Date: June 20, 2010
Open Date: July 2, 2010

Type: Super Dollfie Nono 2008 Renewal
Body Type: Volks SD Girl Pureskin / UV Protect (stock)
Skin Color: Normal Skintone (stock)
Makeup: Custom by Poppy
Aesthetics: None
Eyes: HG Glass Eyes / Black / 22mm
Wigs: Volks W-134-B744 (Semi-Long Curls – Peach Cream), Volks W-133-B744 (Long Ringlet Pigtails – Peach Cream), Volks W-004-613 (Curl – Ivory), Crobidoll CRWL-42 (Long Soft Wave – Mellow Cream), and Crobidoll CRWL-13 (Long Straight – French Gray).

Favorite Color: Mint
Loves: Ribbons
Hates: Video games
Hobbies: Daydreaming, dressing up, antique shopping, and sleeping late~

I purchased my first doll hoping to avoid purchasing Volks SD Nono. I was doing pretty well, too, until I attended Dolpa and saw Nono for sale at the Sumika table. That first day, the other three standard dolls were purchased immediately, but still the one I wanted was left behind. When I arrived on Sunday and the doll was still there, my resistance failed. Despite the fact that it wasn’t the best time to buy something so expensive (and there were numerous problems during the purchase), I came home with a new doll in the “big” size I said I’d never buy.

I love Nono’s mold as much as I had kinda hoped I would. She has such massive, very expressive eyes, and I love her tiny mouth~ I hope to have her makeup repainted to bring out a different and perhaps more unique expression, but that will have to wait. She was very difficult to decide a name for–although I liked “Mimi” from the start, I thought it seemed weird to have a Nono named Mimi, as there is a Volks mold called Mimi. In the end, though, that was the name that stuck. I couldn’t be more satisfied with this doll! ♥

Mimi’s Pictures (on Flickr)