♥ Rina – Volks Mini Super Dollfie F-12 ♥

RinaName: Rina
Name Origin: Hebrew; “Joy”
Name Pronunciation: ree-nah
Birthday: Monday, August 5, 2013
Age: 7
Sex: Female

Rina is cheerful and darling~ ♥

Ordered: Tenshi no Sato FCS service
Order Date: May 24, 2013
Ship Date: July 25, 2013
Arrival Date: August 5, 2013

Type: MSD F-12 (Shinshiya/Miisha)
Body Type: B-04 / MSD Girl / Small Bust / Jointed / Suwarikko
Skin Colour: Normal / Pureskin / UV Protect
Makeup: Zoukeimura Custom Makeup
Aesthetics: None
Ears: E-09 / Human
Feet: FO-02 / Tabi
Hands: H-03, H-06
Eyelashes: WT-6-Brown / Angled Downward
Eyes: Zoukeimura / GE29 (Light Pine Needle Green) / 20mm
Wigs: Volks W-45N-2 (Pigtails with Ribbons – Natural), Volks W-153C-CTLBR (Curls with Mini Side Tails – Cork Brown), Crobidoll CRWM-81 (Mermaid), Crobidoll CRWM-81 (Lollipop), Crobidoll CRWM-55 (Milky Blond), and Crobidoll CRWM-89 (Cherry Pink)

Favorite Color: Sunshine
Loves: Daisies
Hates: Bath time
Hobbies: Imaginary tea parties, trying on new wigs, and posing for the camera

F-12 is a sculpt that really grew on me over time. When I first saw it many years ago, I was mildly horrified by the huge eyes and vacant stare. It was discontinued in late 2007, and I really didn’t see too many of them in the English-speaking doll community, either in forums or on photo sites.

And then I started seeing pictures of other people’s F-12 dolls. Pictures with different faceups and eyes with positioning other than “straight ahead deer in the headlights fear and shock.” It presented the big-eyed F-12 sculpt in a totally different light…but she was still discontinued. And I’ve come to realize that I’m not terribly fond of Volks oldskin resin, which eliminated any interest from me in tracking down a second-hand F-12, as the discontinuation date was prior to the introduction of pureskin. I instead just admired the F-12 dolls of others.

Until the Volks blog and Twitter accounts posted a picture of an F-12 as one of their “coordinate models.” Seeing an F-12 in the new resin, with new faceup style, and much bigger eyes than they used to put in that sculpt made my eyes fill with stars. Soon after they announced that F-12 and several other sculpts would be available at Tenshi no Sato for a limited order period in 2013. I debated over it, but ultimately decided to place the order. I’m so glad that I did! She’s more than I hoped for~ ♥

Rina’s Pictures (on Flickr)