Oh That Waiting Game

While waiting for my auction to arrive to and be shipped from Crescent Shop, I’ve been completely fixated on dolls and doll accessories. I’ve browsed the wig section of every major ball-jointed doll retailer. I’ve overloaded my internet browser with tab after tab of meticulously photographed doll outfits…most of which are out of stock anyway. I’ve scrutinized the measurements of every “MSD”-sized shoe, wondering which would fit on my incoming doll’s chubby little feet. My person suffered through discussion after discussion about the “right” kind of items for the doll who wasn’t even in transit yet. Continue reading »

Creating a Character within a Doll

While I’m waiting for news of my recent purchase, I can’t stop thinking about all of the possibilities for her. Unlike most ball-jointed doll owners, I don’t have characters in mind when I purchase dolls.

I’ve only ever been an extremely casual writer, and the attachment to my characters isn’t one where I hope to embody them. I find that the majority of ball-jointed doll owners (or at least those who are most visible) are writers with a desire to see their beloved characters in a tangible form. These are the people who plan every aspect of a doll down to the last detail. They don’t only know what colour eyes their doll should have–they know the price shade, depth, and speckling that should be present. They hunt endlessly for that perfect wig, frowning at a shade that is slightly off in tint, and contenting themselves that the current wig will be a placeholder until they find the right one. Continue reading »

Patience Is A Virtue…But It’s So Hard!

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my soon-to-be doll, Volks Mini Super Dollfie Nagisa in Preschool, ever since I won the auction. There were a few bumps in the road, which I worried would cast a negative light on a (hopefully) happy doll arrival, but so far I’m not holding a grudge.

The auction for Nagisa in Preschool was my first time using Crescent Shop as a shopping service; usually I bid on Yahoo!Japan Auctions via Celga. However, I discovered the auction on such short notice that I didn’t think Celga would be able to bid on it in time. Crescent Shop, on the other hand, uses a real-time bidding system. However, I failed to realize several key differences in the payment system for Crescent Shop when I registered–I was simply too anxious and excited; I didn’t pay attention to certain parts of their instructions. Continue reading »