Update on 2011 Doll Resolutions: SHOES

I’ve been working on crossing items off my small (but respectable, I think) list of doll-related things to do this year~ There was a bit of a wrench thrown in, at least in terms of getting black shoes for my SD, but thankfully that all worked out in the end. ♥

  1. White shoes (MSD)
  2. Black shoes (SD)
  3. White shoes (SD)
  4. Commission artist to repaint Nono’s makeup
  5. Couch for display

I’m not sure if it happened this way because shoes are at the top of the list or if shoes are less expensive or easier to find, but so far I’ve been making progress only on my shoe-related goals. Regardless, I’m glad to be making progress of any kind. The year’s about half-way through, so that gives me time to work on the final two items on my list, which are more involved.


This is the official image of the Volks Shoes BOUTIQUE shoes that I purchased for my MSD, Claire.

The first item on the list was a lot easier than I thought it would be~ I’d been looking for a pair of white shoes for my MSD to wear. She has a few pairs of shoes already, but both are black. They tend to look a little bit out of place when she wears outfits dominated by a lighter colour.

When these cute little shoes appeared on the Volks USA website, they were too perfect to resist. They look darling on her. I particularly love the criss-cross straps (Two pairs of her shoes have straps of this kind; that’s how much I like them.) and the small bow. I wish I had a pair of shoes like this in my size~

Volks x BABY the Stars Shine Bright Rocking Horse Shoes

The official image for the Shoes BOUTIQUE Collaboration Shoes from Home Town Dolls Party Kyoto 5. These are the Volks x BABY the Stars Shine Bright rocking horse shoes in black for Super Dollfie.

The second pair of shoes, this time for my SD, was significantly more difficult thanks to the postal service. However, they’re now here safe and sound, and I’m very happy. One of the things that I really like about rocking horse shoes, in general, is that the design is simple and thus matches well with most outfits, but despite the simplicity the design is also bold and unique, so they aren’t boring.

I’ve always been partial to the silhouette and aesthetics of rocking horse shoes, but I hate the way that wearing platforms makes me feel very tall, so I didn’t want a pair for myself. Now I can admire them on my doll~ ★

Volks Serenade Rose Shoes

A cropped section of the official image for the Volks Serenade Rose outfit from the SD High Competition: Nono, to focus on the white shoes.

I thought that would be it for a while in terms of shoes, but I was wrong!

I like the overall design of the Serenade Rose outfit. It’s very elegant and romantic, with all that lace and pink and ruffles~ A close friend of mine owns this outfit for her Nono, and it’s so charming! The pictures on the website don’t really do it justice. I wasn’t interested in buying this outfit for my own doll, because even though I like the design it’s a bit too mature for the way I like to portray my dolls. I think the top is reminiscent of corsetry or lingerie, and the exposed garters are a bit risqué. It’s not inappropriate, but it’s not quite what I want my doll to wear.

The shoes, however, are beautiful. The rounded toe, evenly raised sole, bow detail, and crossed velveteen straps are all the sorts of things that I really like. I was particularly impressed when I saw the shoes on my friend’s doll, as the pictures online don’t exactly highlight the shoes.

The Serenade Rose set is fairly popular, so I didn’t think I would be able to purchase just a piece of it…but I was~ I found someone selling only the shoes on the Den of Angels Marketplace. ♥ Hopefully this time there won’t be any postal service-related hassles!!

I’m going to be thinking about Mimi’s new face up next. I ought to figure out exactly what I want from the finished product before I choose an artist. There are so many styles available~

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