Lily and her Friend

On the Dollfie Dreams forum, which I really enjoy being a part of, Chibinezumi started a thread for “candid” pictures of your dolls. I thought this was a really cute idea, so I decided to take a picture of Lily caught unaware.

Lily and Mimi can generally share most wigs, even though Lily’s head is quite a bit smaller than Mimi’s, but I prefer it when Lily wears the black wig that I bought for her. I really like the contrast of the dark hair and her pale white skin. I do worry about staining from her wearing such a dark wig, however, so I don’t keep it on her all the time. For a while I kept her in a blonde wig (Mimi’s Nono default wig), but the bangs really need to be trimmed so it isn’t very flattering. As a result, she’s often wig-less. I think she looks adorable even bald, so it doesn’t bother me–but she doesn’t feel the same way.

Camera: *Click!*

Caught Unaware

Lily: Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Lily: T____T Why? Why would you take a picture of me when I’m bald? Oh no! Are you going to post it online for strangers to see? Why would you do that to me? *weeps*

Alice: Aww, Lily, it’s just for fun~ ♥

Lily: No, it isn’t fun. I’m bald! I look ugly! *weeps*

Now, I definitely don’t want to make any of my darling dolls upset, so I thought that it was time for me to find some kind of tasty treat and make a hot beverage and try to appease the very sensitive and adorable and distressed doll. When I peeked back in from the kitchen, though, I could see there was no need. Someone else was already on the case.

A tiny yet regal voice comfortingly spoke: “Dearest Lady~”

Our household has been hosting a young prince of small stature and grand attitude. He belongs to a friend of mine who has been traveling and preparing to move, so he’s temporarily in my custody. The other dolls have always enjoyed his visits and company, but he seems to have taken a particular liking to Lily. Unlike our brash and bold Claire and the dim-witted and big-hearted Mimi, the newest doll appears to have spurred in le petit prince‘s heart a desire for chivalry and protection.

Princely Kindness

Prince Amari: Lady Lily, it pains me so to see you unhappy.

A Little Prince

Prince Amari: Please, Dearest, do not think so poorly of yourself. You are truly as lovely as the flower for which you were named, regardless of what wig or decorations you wear.

It seems very hard to not feel cheered by the honest declaration by such an adorable and dapper young man. At his gentle request, Lily lifted him up, whereupon he gallantly produced the tiniest of handkerchiefs and wiped her tears.

Royalty and His Friend

Prince Amari: We all know that you are both beautiful in appearance and in heart, Dearest~ Even if you had no wig, and no eyes, and no paint, you could never be ugly–especially not to me. ♥

Lily: Oh, your highness, you are too kind. It was silly of me to make such a fuss.

Prince Amari: Never mind all that, Dearest~

Alice: You two are ridiculous. Thank you, Prince Amari, for cheering up our sweet Lily. May I take your picture?

Lily: Oh, I don’t know…

Prince Amari: But of course! I will always cherish this memory of the time I’ve spent here with all of you, particularly Dearest! Someday I will be able to look back on this picture with my fondest regards. Smile, Dearest!

Camera: *Click!*

The Prince and His Friend

They are just too cute.

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    • Haha, I don’t mean to influence you! He’s very charming, though–he does that to people. Makes them want cute little Latis to hang out and cause mischief.

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