A Little Angel Nests Here

Every once in a while, it’s hard to really articulate what I like about a doll. I felt this way with YoTenshi Una when she was released in 2011. I took to her immediately–the first glimpse I saw, I thought, “Oh! That’s cute! Usually I don’t like YoSDs!” I don’t understand even now why I like Una when I’m not interested in Megu, Nana, Sara, or Kira–and she has the same “4 Sisters” face sculpt. I see them and I don’t really care much, but then I see Una–the exact same doll in white skin instead of normal skin–and my heart leaps.

Una is a YoTenshi and has stayed close to her origin of Tenshi no Sato. Her first few releases were incredibly popular and incredibly limited. A few times I saw this doll listed for sale, and the price was always well over what I was willing to save up for. Una wasn’t on my wishlist or part of my plan. She was fun to admire in other people’s photos, but that was the end of it.

Earlier this year it was announced that Una would be re-released in her YoTenshi size at the Tenshi no Sato 11th Anniversary event. Someone I know was attending that event, hoping to acquire an Una, and I expressed my combination of hope and envy towards her. She was lucky enough to get a ticket for Una and come home with one, and seeing her pictures renewed my feelings of appreciation for that cute little face. My friend mentioned that there had been enough Una to go around at the event, saying that there were even a flood of them on Yahoo!Japan Auctions.

When I logged on and searched, I sealed my doom. She was not exaggerating at the number of auctions and the variety of prices. After tormenting myself for a week, I bid and won a YoTenshi Una of my very own! ♥ Waiting for the tracking and delivery to update was so hard… but before I knew it, I had a parcel to bring home and unwrap!

A Very Precious Box

I paid for “secure shipping” from my shopping service, which was interpreted as “put the shipper’s box inside of this other box that fits it almost exactly.” I’m not sure how I feel about that…

Engima Wrapped in a Mystery

Ooh, I see the box! I was happily surprised to see that the seller even included the shopping bag. It was pictured in the auction but not mentioned in the text for the auction. It’s a silly thing to have, but I’ll enjoy it.

First Glimpse

The bubble wrap was very neatly wrapped and taped around the doll box.

Box and Bag

I always get excited to see this beautiful white box!

That White Box

She’s so cute even on the photos that decorate her papers. (I usually keep the papers unopened, but this time they slipped her little sparkly hair ribbon into the booklet, and I really wanted to get to that ribbon!)

Papers First

The little outfit was one of the things I liked about this release of Una. It’s exactly the sort of thing I would buy for my dolls anyway! ♥

Clothes and Wig

These wings are soooooo incredibly cute! I love the soft “cherry blossom” pink colour~

Pink Wings

Unfortunately, the seller didn’t provide any additional padding for her. She was sold at an event where people were picking their dolls up in-person, so there was no bubblewrap or other packing material outside of the foam and plastic face cover. (This isn’t entirely non-typical for Volks, though. They generally don’t swathe their dolls in much wrapping.) She looked like she had been slipping and sliding around, but she was completely intact with no damage.

It Was a Long Trip

I moved her to the center a bit to admire the YoTenshi Origin body. I have seen a few Volks YoSD, but usually fully clothed. I’m glad she has a one-piece torso–I prefer those to the jointed kind.

In the Box

I think her face is cute even when all covered up and protected! She’s a little astronaut.

Space Cadet

I adore the “2nd Makeup” of this doll! Una always looks cute and pinky, but I think for this edition she looks happier and more cheerful than the earlier versions. Some of the first Unas are quite pouty, in my opinion.

Cute-Cute-Cutie Face

I’ve never had a doll with fantasy parts, so the magnets for her wings were interesting to take note of!

Little Magnets

I didn’t think I’d get much use out of the wings… until I put them on. I think they’re incredibly adorable. She’s been wearing them since, because they make me smile. Maybe I’m partial to how pink they are.


Her wig isn’t usually the type of style I buy for my dolls… but it’s so cute on her! It just screams “Una” to me. For obvious Una reasons.

Cherub Cherubim

She’s interesting to pose. I’m not really used to her yet. I don’t think she’s any easier or harder to maneuver than my other dolls… just a bit different. I’m very happy that she can sit suwaricco. ♥

Cherub Cherubim

When she’s all dressed up in her outfit, with the little ribbon tied in her hair, I’m almost blinded by the total display of cuteness. I can still barely believe that there’s now a little YoTenshi Una in my home~ ♥

Pretty Pink Ribbon

It’s always nice to feel this kind of joy and appreciation when a new doll enters my life~ Volks continues to send their “angels” my way. I feel very fortunate! ♥

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