Increasing Excitement!

This is one of the best things I have seen in a long time!!!

When I logged into Crescent Shop and checked the status of my pending shipment (which is still “processing”), I saw a new and ~beautiful~ icon. An icon that had not previously existed. An icon that proclaims that my Nagisa in Preschool will be packed up soon!

I cannot wait until I am billed, pay for the shipping, and have that tracking number. I’m already waiting on the other things I’ve purchased for the cute little girl that hasn’t even left Japan yet, but now I’m wondering which will come first! Will it be the doll, or will it be the other goods? EMS shipping from Japan has always been very fast in my experience. Sometimes I get a package only 24 hours after it is shipped! I doubt this will be the case with my Crescent Shop order, but at the most it may take another week.

It’s odd. I feel like I haven’t been waiting very long; I feel like I’m being too impatient. However, when I look at the calendar everytime I log into the Crescent Shop members screen, I see that over a week has passed. That’s not a terribly long time, but I feel like even less time has passed–like it’s been only days. Even with all of the waiting I’ve been doing, the time feels kind of stuck.

I don’t mind, though! I’m just excited that I’m getting closer, little by little. It’s making me nervous!

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