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I still have a hard time explaining how things were with my first doll, Claudia. I realize that I’ve been a very vocal advocate of Rosette Doll, and I still am. I still think they make an amazing product. My experience with the company has been overwhelmingly positive despite the very long shipping wait time dealing with a brand new company (although they are a SOOM subsidiary). I think that the Rosette Dolls are gorgeous and well worth a long wait, even with an imprecise shipping date. I still think that Violet is the most beautiful of the Rosette Dolls, and I absolutely love her beyond a doubt.

With all of that said, why did I not keep her? Why would I give up a doll that I love?

If I hadn’t seen that someone else who I knew to be a fan of Rosette Dolls, was looking for her, she would still be living with me. I would still feel guilty, because she would still be spending most of the time sitting in my closet, carefully wrapped up in a cocoon of soft cloth for protection. I would admire her once in a while, then tuck her back into the pale pink case and place it in the drawer. She might come out for an occasional picture session or to show her to curious inquirers, but that is it. However, I would know that she was safe and protected. She wouldn’t be customized or altered from her Spring LE status. Her clothing wouldn’t become stained or ruined. Her faceup would be safe from oily fingerprints.

I didn’t want to put her up for sale. Being my first doll, one of the first Rosette Dolls, and a limited edition, she is incredibly special to me in terms of sentimental value. If she was up for sale, anyone could buy her–ranging from someone who wanted to cherish her behind the doors of a glass cabinet or someone who wanted to dye her blue and dremel her ears off. I was terrified of the second scenario, but beyond that, I wanted to know that I would still see her in pictures from time to time and she would still bear a resemblance to what she was when I owned her as Claudia. It’s impossible to really choose a purchaser, so instead I planned to keep her as a memento.

When I saw that a local Rosette Doll enthusiast was yearning for the Spring LE Violet, I mulled about it for a while and then took a chance to contact her. She didn’t ask me if my girl was for sale. However, I saw her mentions of wanting a Violet to add to her classmates, the comments about her preference of the Spring Term girl, and her resignation to the unlikely chances of finding the doll second-hand. She wanted a Spring Term Violet because the doll is a Spring Term Violet, not because she wants a slender elf girl with magenta skin and numerous scars.

I think she will do a better job of appreciating such a wonderful doll than I did. I want to see my first doll put to some use, not hidden away. I’d like that use to be without significant permanent changes to her, because she is special for being what she is. I think that this will be accomplished by the arrangement that has worked out. I am hoping for the best!

I will always adore Rosette Dolls. I will always think Violet is the most beautiful of the Rosette girls. I have no regrets about ordering her, and I really enjoyed the time when she was my doll. It was a lot of fun owning such a gorgeous, unique doll and However, I am hopeful that my next doll will be one I can play with and enjoy in a different manner; a doll that isn’t as beautiful, but perhaps becomes more precious.

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