Spoiled Little Doll

Claire has been with us for only about a week at this point, and I just can’t keep myself from spoiling her! I like knowing that I can dress her up in whatever I think is cute and she won’t complain or ruin her clothes. I’ve been hearing some suggestions that wanting a doll that’s like a little girl is like wanting a child, but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

As she is a doll, she doesn’t whine, cry, or scream. I don’t need to child-proof my cabinets, hide the medicine and cleaning supplies, watch what she puts in her mouth, or prevent access to art supplies that could be used to draw on the walls or floor. I can leave her alone at home without needing a babysitter. She doesn’t get sick, throw up, or require medical attention (and thus BILLS). I don’t need to feed her, and she can’t have a preference in that regard. She’s always in the same “mood” based on her faceup–no grumpiness or temper-tantrums. She can’t ruin her things or beg for more material possessions. I don’t have to send her to school, organize extracurricular activities, or teach her common sense.

She is cute, sweet, and whatever I feel like imagining her to be. She cuddles when I’d like to hold her and lies in her box when I am busy. She is easy to dress in whatever I think is adorable. Anything that she “does” is just my manipulation. I don’t think a doll really compares to a child!

However, I can still spoil her. The concept for her that I’ve developed paints Claire as a sweet little girl who loves everything. I want to buy her things, since she is my doll and I enjoy it when she has things I can play with for her. Since arriving here, she has acquired a white dress with purple flowers and a white apron, a raincoat and rain accoutrement (including a functional umbrella!), and tiny patterned underwear. I’ve also ordered a cute pigtail wig via someone’s Volks Full-Choice System split and am considering adding in some new hands.

I’ve also added the outfit I really liked from the Hometown Dolpa Nagoya 4 regular items! I’ve never ordered anything during its release time on the Volks USA website, so I was really nervous. I started keeping a close eye on the webpage for the pink marshmallow smock set just before 1:00PM CST (11:00AM PST), and I felt a bit of panic when the “add to shopping cart” button finally appeared after several minutes. I checked out quicker than a flash, worried that the outfit would sell out, but it seems like all is well. I’m very happy to have gotten that–she’ll look extra-cute in it–but now I’ve already got my eye on some of the Doll’s Party 22 regular items! I particularly love the “Elementary School Girl Set,” but the “Peach Velvet Girls Set” and “Warm in a White Coat Set” are also pretty cute!

Claire is going to have so many clothes! I just can’t help it–I love dressing her up. (Although I’m going to have to take a break from getting things for her, since I also love dressing myself up! Tee hee~ ♥)

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