She Has Arrived

Well, that much-awaited day finally arrived. My package from Crescent Shop was delivered safely, and I now have a Volks MSD “Nagisa in Preschool” to call my own.

Yesterday started off a bit on the rough side. I had left the city to visit relatives on Friday night, hoping to return Saturday morning. I don’t own a car because I use public transportation, but this means that when I am out in the suburbs I am subject to the whims of whoever is kind enough to take me to the train station. I had plans for part of the day, so I couldn’t stay out until any old time, but I didn’t end up on a train heading back in until just after noon~ I worried the whole way, because I had an appointment to meet with Claudia’s new owner and transfer her.

Luckily, we got back just in time! Shortly after arriving at my home, the doorbell rang and my Rosette Doll left. For a little while, I felt a bit downhearted knowing there were no dolls in my house. I had hopes that my auction purchase would arrive soon, so I dressed up in pink frills to add some good luck. Then, to occupy myself after cleaning the house, I opened the Volks USA box that was delivered the day before, which contained the accessories and tools I ordered.

My person and I started joking about his guitars wearing the doll wig I received, as it seemed about the right size to prop at the end of the headstock. His PRS was modeling for us, also decked out in a doll-sized apron, when the doorbell rang.

I bolted out of the apartment into the hallway, and couldn’t keep from squealing when I saw the mail carrier! I nearly tackled her in my excitement, babbling, “Oh! Oh! Do you have a package for me?” She took my over-enthusiasm quite well, although I’m sure she thinks I’m completely crazy, and handed me the form to fill out. When I glanced past her, I saw a massive box balanced ontop of the mail cart just beyond the doors, and immediately knew it must be mine!

Giant Box of Happiness

As soon as it was in my hands, I couldn’t stop giggling and smiling! I bounded back inside, hugging the box, and carefully set it down to prepare a place to open it. My person filmed the box opening with our digital camera. We joked around and had a lot of fun~ I almost considered sharing it, but no-one is going to wait to endure over ten minutes of a low-quality video of my squeaky voice and creepy face. XD

When I opened the shipping carton and saw that the Volks box was indeed the box for Nagisa in Preschool, I was so excited! Once opened, I marveled at the completeness of the contents–her papers still sealed in their plastic bag, her uniform never removed from its original packaging, same for the wig and shoes. She was beneath a silky white cushion, mummified with bubble wrap and tan-colored duct tape. Her face was hidden beneath layers of foam and a plastic protector.

I tried to cut the tape with my Xacto knife, but I couldn’t trust that it wouldn’t slip and hurt her, so instead I peeled it off bit by bit, cautiously tearing the bubble wrap. Before I unwrapped her head, I dressed her in the purple floral dress that had just arrived; I was too nervous to open her school uniform that had been unopened all this time. When I removed the plastic and foam from around her head, I couldn’t believe how cute she was! A cream-colored wig cured her temporary baldness.

Nagisa in Preschool's Sweet Face

It was a bit difficult at first, because I didn’t know what her name was. My person took a liking to her immediately, referring to her as “Francine” while we tried to figure out what her name ought to be. He was the one who suggested “Claire,” which I waffled on at first, but the more we tried to come up with suggestions, the more “Claire” seemed right. I got over my fear of opening the sealed school uniform, and when I changed her into it I felt more certain that she is a “Claire.”

I refused to be separated from her for a short while. She sat on my lap, next to my computer, on the floor beside me, on the bed–anywhere close by. When my person and I watched a few episodes of Sailor Moon S, she cuddled between us on the bed. She’s so cute, and I like the weight of her and how she moves. She isn’t engineered to be an amazing poser, but when I bend her arm it feels less mechanical and more organic.

Set Sail for School

The major problem was her eyes. As usual, Volks hot-glued her eyes in. Unfortunately, they positioned the eyes unevenly. Her off-focus stare was very disturbing, and it interfered with my ability to come up with a name. It was easy enough to pop the eyeballs out of the glue and into the head with just a little pressure, but the shape of the glue made it impossible to reposition the eyes in the glue. I also didn’t have any eye putty, and hated the thought of her being without eyes until I could acquire some. I thought it would just have to wait, but finally I decided to try something.

I took a trip to the drugstore and purchased a metal cuticle pusher and soft silicone earplugs. I wrapped the handle of the cuticle pusher in duct tape, to avoid the roughly textured metal surface scratching any of the resin, and used it to gently pry and scrape out the hot glue without damaging the resin. I didn’t trust myself to use anything with a blade. As soon as the major pieces of the hot glue were removed I gently rubbed the tip of the cuticle pusher back and forth against the eye wells, pausing occasionally to peel the building-up hot glue residue from the tool. When they were totally removed, I repositioned the eyes and secured them with a portion of a gently-kneaded soft silicone earplug.

Even my person noticed the difference. She doesn’t look as scared now that her eyes aren’t uneven, although her faceup still seems rather melancholy.

I think she’s so, SO, SO cute, and I just want to spoil her! She’s just what I hoped for!

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