Volks USA Review

On the evening of Sunday, November 8, I placed an order with Volks USA for several restringing supplies, an MSD-sized wig, and an MSD-sized dress.

Everything went well during check out process, but when I woke up on Monday morning I realized that I had forgotten to ask for any of the Super Dollfie instructional manga in the comments field. I emailed Volks USA Monday morning and asked if they would be able to include the relevant manga in my package. I promptly received a reply acknowledging my request and stating that the pamphlets would be added to my order.

A shipping notice was sent to me, along with instructions on viewing the status of my order. The link provided made it very easy for me to keep an eye on my order. I especially like the tracking link, which is much less cluttered than the UPS website.

My package was handled well by UPS, who delivered it on the stated delivery date. It was so exciting to receive my a package of doll-related items! I wasn’t home when my person received the delivery, so the entire time I was away I kept wondering about what it would be like to open that box!

Volks Pitatto Wig

Quality: 10/10
It’s a very fine, low-pile Velcro-type of material. However, I am waiting to use it–right now my doll’s wig seems okay. I got this just in case.
Price: 10/10
It was just about as inexpensive as actually buying sticky-sided Velcro, but this way I didn’t have to make a special trip somewhere.

Volks KIPS

Quality: 10/10
Hard to mess this up, I suppose, since they are just silicone discs. I haven’t installed them in my doll yet, since it turns out she already had the major 3 (neck and shoulders) already! I do plan to use them, though.
Price: 8/10
I think I paid a little bit more than I would have if I had sought out a similar product elsewhere, but overall it wasn’t too bad.

Volks Restringing Tool

Quality: 10/10
I’m so happy to have this! When I install the other KIPS for my doll, this will definitely come in handy.
Price: 9/10
It was probably a little bit overpriced, but not drastically. It seems very well made, so I don’t have any real complaints.

Volks Clip Holder

Quality: 10/10
This is very well made, and already I’ve used it for several non-elastic-related household tasks. I didn’t actually buy it to hold elastic–although it does come in handy for pulling up on the head hook. The tip of the clamp fits very nicely into the S-hook in the head, and the tool is sturdy enough not to break.
Price: 5/10
This elastic clamp is a hemostat, which can be purchased from a medical supply store at a much lower cost. I feel I mostly paid for the “Volks” brand name.

Volks LP MSDG-KO-501-26-PUR / Floral Country Girl / Purple LP MSDG-KO-501-26-PUR / Floral Country Girl Purple

Quality: 9/10
This is incredibly well made. The dress itself is lined, with an invisible zipper up the back. It is made of a lightly-textured fabric with a very nicely-arranged pattern of small purple flowers. The apron is separate, and also lined. (I was very surprised!) The apron closes in the back with a small hook and eye fastener hidden by a perfectly-formed bow. The trims and lace are also very nice. My only qualm is that I do not feel both sides of the dress’s white collar are even; the left side seems a bit larger.
Price: 10/10
This is so well made that I can’t find any fault with the price. The quality of the construction is better than most of my clothing; almost on par with my lolita clothing!

Volks W-117N-16T Long Natural Wave - Cream

Quality: 10/10
The fiber used for this wig is very high quality. It is soft, not frizzy or dry despite the wavy styling. The part at the top of the head is rooted from a material that looks like a scalp–not just the cloth of the wig cap. It fits on my Mini Super Dollfie’s head very well.
Price: 10/10
I couldn’t really ask for a better-made wig, and although it wasn’t cheap I have seen more costly wigs.

Volks Order Arrived!

Communication: 10/10
Volks USA kept me updated every step of the way with my order. When I emailed to ask a question about the forgotten instructional manga, I received a response very quickly, and those manga were indeed added to my order.

Service: 10/10
My order was prepared and shipped very quickly, and the manga I had forgotten to initially request were included in my package.

Shipping: 10/10
My package was layered with many, many sheets of bubble wrap, and the box was securely closed. It was posted very promptly. I don’t feel that I was overcharged, either, given that it was shipped via UPS and I have a general idea of their rates to businesses.

Satisfaction: 10/10
I am very happy with everything I ordered, and I would definitely order from Volks USA again!

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