Clothing Challenges

Lately I almost find myself wanting another doll out of sheer frustration at the lack of adorable clothing for the Volks Mini Super Dollfie size. Although Volks themselves makes some gorgeous, adorable outfits–in fact there are several that I am quite enamored with for the current Dolpa 22–there isn’t always wide availability. Most outfits are limited in some way; perhaps if not in release, then in overall distribution. I can’t always find what I’m looking for on the website.

There are other clothing options–such as the glorious Dollheart or the clothing section of other ball-jointed doll companies. However, most items are still limited as a general rule of thumb. Additionally, a lot of designs for MSD are either for slim MSDs like Unoa or Minifee or for mature MSDs intended to be teenagers or adults. Since my dear little Claire is a sweet little girl, I don’t want to dress her in miniskirts or lingerie! However, it seems to me that most people own teenage/adult MSDs rather than childish ones, and most MSD-sized sculpts are slim with narrow waists and round breasts and bottoms. Thus, there’s obviously more of a market for fashions for these dolls. When it comes to finding something cute for a little girl to be playing with her toys in, the options are more limited.

I’ve tried looking on Etsy, as some ball-jointed doll collectors or enthusiasts are also very talented in terms of sewing, but the majority of designs that I really like are for YoSD-sized dolls! (And Miss Claire is certainly not that size–nor would I like her to be.) I have considered commissioning someone, but I haven’t spotted a seamstress whose work I am so enamored by. I’d prefer to have a friend make something for my doll if I’m going to commission, but my friends who do sew haven’t done so for dolls–and I don’t want to create more stress for them.

Additionally, my ability to find things on the second-hand market such as Den of Angels hasn’t been too bright, either. Although I did find a few things for Claire–such as her adorable rain set and some tiny patterned panties–most clothing available falls into the “wrong size/wrong build/wrong style” category.

This has been mostly on my mind because I’d really like her to have a Christmas outfit. As there’s only the one doll and I’m immature at heart, I plan on having her celebrate with us. She won’t be attending the big family gathering on Christmas Day at my relatives’ house, but she will be around when celebrations happen with my immediate family. Her clothing at the moment isn’t very holiday-esque, and since she won’t outgrow it or wear it out, I can’t think of a good reason not to make her festive! It makes me wish that I were more adept at sewing, so I could design and create something for her myself. I’m running out of time to commission, as well.

Maybe I can find something…or maybe I’ll try my hand at making something. That’s definitely the more dangerous path, but we’ll see…

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