Here Comes Christmas

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A certain small doll had a very fulfilling Christmas this year, which I particularly enjoyed because I really had hoped to spoil Claire for her first Christmas. (Hopefully there will be many more with her. I do feel attached to her, but I can’t help worrying that in a few months or so I’ll be entertaining thoughts of sending her to a new home. I really want to be contented and have a doll I can enjoy.) It was nice that I didn’t have to spoil her all on my own, though!

When it comes to Christmas presents, my mother is a let-me-find-the-perfect-thing-with-hard-work-and-love kind of giver, while my father is a tell-me-what-you-want-and-where-to-buy-it kind of giver. This means that I never really know what I’m getting from my mother, regardless of hints I might drop, but that I better not tell her what I’ve outlined for my father, or I risk duplicates. However, items requested from my father are not 100% set in stone–sometimes he likes to try his hand at getting creative while other times the items in question are out of stock and he substitutes. This year, I asked my father for some items from Volks USA–the website is easy to order from, so I knew it wouldn’t be too much of a problem as long as things were still in stock.

I was happily surprised with the site of everything I had asked for: the mahogany brown concert dress set, black mary-jane shoes, and a cream-coloured bob wig! The wig was really the best-best-best, because Claire’s normal wig is so long it is rather impractical. I love how beautiful it is, but I bought her to play with her. I don’t like having to constantly untangle her hair–so much so that I had taken to just carrying her around bald! It’s much better now that she has short, no-fuss hair.

I brought Claire with to share in the Christmas festivities, so I immediately put on her new shoes, outfit, and wig. If only she had some socks! I really need some white knee-high and ankle socks for her; a pair of white tights would also be useful. The patterned socks that came with Nagisa in Preschool’s default are adorable, but I really worry about staining–and they wouldn’t coordinate well with most outfits. I’m thinking about trying my hand at that, but I get a bit nervous since my sewing skills are SO poor.

There are still a few presents for her under our tiny tree, though. I want to take pictures and try my hand at a photostory!

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