NYC Dolpa 4

I can’t stop thinking about the NYC Dolls’ Party. The tickets go on sale this weekend, and oh-my-goodness-goodness I really want to go. More than I’ve wanted to attend anything…except for Toy Fair, which I will never go to because I don’t work in the industry. ;_____; *sniffle* This at least I wouldn’t have to pull strings to get a ticket for.

However, I can’t really afford it at the moment. I wouldn’t buy one of the attendee-offered dolls, or enter a one-off raffle. The “Alice in Wonderland”-themed YoSDs are very cute, but not something I want to own. (I definitely want to see other people’s pictures of them, though~ I love that they released the Alice mold in the normal skintone; I’m not terribly fond of white skin.) Despite that, the travel costs would be out of my range–planet ticket and hotel rooms aren’t as inexpensive as I wish.

I’ve entertained the thought of imposing on my father, but that only works if he’ll be in New York during the June 19-20 weekend of the dolls’ party. That seems somewhat unlikely, since those days aren’t business days, and I’d still have to get a planet ticket.

Hopefully there will be another NYC Dolls’ Party next year. Then, perhaps, my husband and I can go together! ♥

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