The Nono Saga Continues

There’s a nagging thought in my mind that’s been driving me crazy–a little voice that whispers, “You want a Volks Nono.”

I try very hard to ignore the voice. I really enjoy Claire, and although I haven’t taken pictures of her in a while or purchased anything lately, she isn’t forgotten. Indeed, the only reason I haven’t purchased anything for her in a month or so is because I decided instead to purchase some things for myself and because the things I had in mind for her are sold out! (Darn that White Rose Collection gray school uniform… I know I’ll have to pay extra for it on the second-hand market… ;_; *sob*) I wonder to myself, “Should she own any lolita clothing? Where can I find cute shoes for her chubby feet?” She sits on my lap while I work on homework; my husband pats her head when he passes by.

But still, the whisper of “Nono” taunts me.

I browse the Flickr group dedicated to Volks SD Nono, admiring the faceups or outfits that other owners have chosen. Although the Volks USA website mentions that Nono is one of the most popular Super Dollfies, I don’t feel that’s necessarily true in the USA. There aren’t very many Nono’s on Den of Angels–other molds, especially certain limited-editions or Full-Choice System options, seem much more popular.

There’s just something about her big eyes and tiny nose that I find endearing. (After all, I picked Claire because Nagisa bore the closest resemblance to Nono.) I like Claire because she is Claire, but I don’t think I’ll really be satisfied until I at least own a Nono and decide for certain whether or not I really do want one. Maybe I’ll adore her–or maybe I’ll realize I was mistaken. It seems more and more inevitable that I will buy one…eventually.

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