Dolpa Registration–Mi-chan Selected!

I finally registered for VolksDoll’s Party in New York 4! It took me forever to make up my mind. I was starting to worry that I would miss the deadline and wind up in New York without actually being able to attend. (Although there’s still a chance that the tickets will have to be a lottery, so I am hoping that doesn’t happen so no-one who registered will have to miss out on the event.) I kept waffling between taking the workshop, not taking the workshop, taking the workshop and getting a doll, taking the workshop and getting a head, taking the workshop and not buying the materials for it, and so forth endlessly on and on! My poor husband bore the brunt of this indecision, but he tried his fuzzy-bunny-best to help me out. ♥ I think it would have been much rougher without his input.

I finally settled on attending the workshop and purchasing Mi-chan/Mii-chan/Michan/Miichan, the school-only mini super dollfie kit! I’ve almost never seen a Mi-chan, except for the occasional clothing model on the Volks USA website, so I’m rather nervous! It was a very hard decision, since my heart is still very set on a Nono~ ♥ I am very indecisive about things like this.

An assembled and painted Mi-chan; picture from the Volks USA website. She’s a kit, so she comes blank and in pieces.

I find Mi-chan‘s default image rather uninspiring, but I have had a very difficult time finding other pictures of this doll! I asked on Den of Angels, thinking that at least a few people would be willing to share pictures, but it seems that virtually no-one owns this girl~ I’m not sure if she’s extremely rare, unpopular, or both! I did see a few pictures of someone’s Ta-chan, though. (He’s the male version.)

Cammy♥Claudia posted some images on Flickr of a particularly adorable Mi-chan from a Volks publication. I was so excited when I saw her pictures, as I couldn’t find another one of this doll on the whole of Flickr, which seems almost unbelievable!

I prefer the faceup on this Mi-chan. And she’s dressed in such a cute underwear set!

I can only hope that I will really like my Mi-chan as much as I very sincerely hope that I will! I don’t want to wish I had purchased a Nono instead…

A friend of mine is working on making a cute little dress for my Claire to wear to the Dolpa~ ♥ I’m very excited! I really wanted something sweet and childish for her, but not specifically lolita fashion–more like something a little girl ought to wear. I spent a long time combing the children’s sections of websites, realizing that high-end department stores had a better selection for really interesting ideas. Hopefully between the two of us we can mastermind something amazing! I dream of having matching outfits for Claire and the-doll-soon-to-be–one with sky blue accents (Claire) and one with spring green accents (other doll). It would be the sweetest look. I love matching outfits for little girls!

Oh, Dolpa, come soon…but not too soon. I need to save more spending money!

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