Nono’s Treasure Chest

My constant yearning for a Volks Super Dollfie Nono isn’t merely a sigh, a dream, and a fond glance. I am certain that eventually I will buy one of these lovely dolls…especially because I have started doing something it is not a very good thing to do. I’m amassing. Little by little, I’m purchasing things that aren’t suited for Claire and weren’t suited for Claudia–things that are perfect for a Volks Super Dollfie girl.

It started innocently enough with an outfit. When I saw the Dollfie Dream gathering 2009 items, I immediately adored the school uniforms for Super Dollfie girls–partially because I tend to like school uniforms, and partially because one of the models was a gorgeous Nono! I’m not terribly fond of Nono‘s default makeup for the standard version, but the painting on this model was superb. With such large eyes, it’s easy for Nonos to look unbalanced or bug-eyed. She was paired (and posed with, but I can’t find the picture) an adorable Mimi. I think those two look so wonderful together~ ♥

 These are the Nono and Mimi that further cemented my interest. Photos are official Volks images.

When the time came to place orders on those items, I couldn’t help myself. I ordered the uniform. It’s been sitting carefully in the box with Claire’s clothing. I tried putting it on her, but it’s simply much too large. It’s clearly waiting for a bigger doll.

Recently, I was looked over the February 2010 collection with a sigh. There are some adorable pastry-themed outfits. I entertained the thought of getting the Mini Super Dollfie girl outfit for Claire, but it wasn’t really all that compelling. The day the outfits were available for sale, I thought for certain they’d sell out in a flash and I wouldn’t have to worry. Unfortunately, they did not sell out so quickly. The more I looked, the more I couldn’t resist the Shortcake Hat Set. The pink dress has beautiful stripes, and I love the large red bows! And… the cake hat. It’s hard for me to resist a cake hat.

The big red bows on this dress almost seem like they don’t match, but I imagine they’re fairly suited to the design if I think of the whole dress like a cake!

I snapped up a matching pair of shoes, too, immediately feeling a bit guilty. I felt guiltier still when I woke up the next morning…but not enough to resell those items! I’ll add them to my collection of “stuff for the doll I don’t yet own.”

I can feel it in my bones that a non-MSD-sized wig will be next. I particularly love one of the newest Volks colours–peach cream. It looks especially sweet, I think, in the long ringlet pigtail style. Sometimes I feel like pressing “purchase” immediately on the website for the doll herself, but I keep holding back. By the time I ever get one, I’m sure I’ll have a ridiculous amount of stuff waiting around for her!

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