Ballet Ambition

Now that I have my dream doll, I keep thinking about all of the things I’d like to buy for her! Clothes, wigs, eyes, shoes, accessories, furniture… There’s so many things that I would love to have–it’s rather ridiculous!

These gorgeous feet and shoes are designed and made by Peapod Doll.

One of the things I’d really like is a ballet outfit and tiny ballet studio. I’m infatuated with ballet, although I don’t dance, so I’d like to enjoy it vicariously through my dolls. I know they’d look adorable in black leotards, with pink tights and black legwarmers~ If only I could find ballet slippers in doll-sizes that actually look like real ballet slippers. I’m thinking that I may have to make some myself.

Particularly, I’m obsessed with Peapod Doll‘s en pointe feet for SD girls.

Default Volks girl feet cannot even hope to achieve this kind of line. They have too much of a heel to bend so far.

I love everything about these feet–the sculpting of the toes, the arch of the pointed foot. To me, these are absolutely perfect! And, wonderfully, they’re intended to be used with Volks Super Dollfie girls, so they’ll absolutely fit my new and beloved dream doll! They’re not terribly expensive, either–but I’m on a freeze in terms of buying things for dolls or buying clothes.

Well, I’m supposed to be on a freeze. I did buy some pointe shoes. I found perfect-sized realistic shoes when looking at ballet supply websites–in the form of keychains! The Peapod Doll ballet shoes aren’t quite what I want; they don’t have the construction of real shoes. The ones that I found were not terribly expensive, either, so I couldn’t resist them~ They should fit the feet, but I’ll find out for certain in a month or so.

I can’t wait until the company makes en pointe feet for MSD girls, too~

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