New MSD Standards: Mire

I’m looking forward to the 2010 Sumika Fair, because Volks is introducing 2 new standard MSDs! There will be a girl, Mire (FCS head #04), and a boy, Yuuto (FCS head #19). I’m particularly excited because F-04 had been one of the molds I considered ordering before I discovered Nagisa!

Mire looks adorable in the promotional pictures, even though I don’t care much for her faceup. Thankfully she’s a kit, so she will be sold blank.

Since the purchase of Mi-chan didn’t quite work out, my mind leads me to think that perhaps Mire would be another MSD that I would enjoy having around. Should I buy another doll? Certainly not! Will I buy another doll? Not right now! In the future? Maybe. I don’t want to spend money recklessly, and dolls are certainly not an investment, but right now they’re more appealing for purchase than lolita fashion–because I can purchase them in U.S. dollars without worrying about the exchange rate. When Mire arrives at Tenshi no Sumika in LA, I wouldn’t even have to pay for international shipping! Lately I’ve been worn out about buying lolita clothing because it costs me more and more, and by the time I’ve added fees and shipping the total price seems overwhelming.

This is Mire, the new female Mini Super Dollfie standard model. Her headmold is F-04!

The fair also involves updated makeup for most of the standard dolls! The style is much less harsh than before, and I also think it looks less “orange.” I’ll be interested to see what the new standard models will look like–hopefully I will spot pictures on >Den of Angels or Flickr. I find that the official makeup looks better in owners’ pictures than it does in the promotional images, so it could be even more lovely than I anticipate.

The most disappointing part of the 2010 Sumika Fair is the discontinuation of several standard models!

Retired Mini Super Dollfie

Retired Super Dollfie

Retired Super Dollfie 13

It’s a good thing I bought my Nono when I had the opportunity! Although these heads will still be available with the Full-Choice System, I really wanted a Nono–not an F-07. There would have been a difference. F-07 would have come with the wig, the eyes, and makeup that I requested…but she also wouldn’t have been waiting for me at Dolpa. There’s just something that wouldn’t have been the same. I wonder if others who might have been considering a standard model, but avoided the purchase because they were “always” available, will have to hurry to make their Super Dollfie dreams come true before it’s too late~

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