2011 Doll Resolutions

I’ve set a few goals for this year that are specifically related to my dolls. There are things that I really like about my dolls, and things that really frustrate me about my dolls. I’m aiming to take care of the things that really frustrate me so that I can overall enjoy my dolls much more~ Sometimes it’s tempting to alleviate those kinds of feelings by purchasing new dolls, but that is not what I want to do.

Shoes are a big sore spot for me. I have high standards for shoes; I don’t like seeing glue marks, over-sized hardware, or raw and unfinished edges. I’m also not very much interested in “gothic” or “punk” styled footwear, nor do I like most of the girly shoes that are chunky and have bold design elements. I don’t care much for high heels, either. I’m also rather picky about the fit, because I don’t like it when the shoes are loose enough that they gape or fall off. This makes it difficult to find shoes that I really want to own…but I dislike it when my dolls don’t have shoes to match their lovely outfits. Getting “proper” shoes is very high on my list.

Another thing that I’d like is a sofa that both of my dolls can sit on. I think it would be a nice place to display them. I like to keep them tucked away when I’m not doing anything with them–usually in their boxes or carrying case–but it would be nice to have a space to leave them out for a bit. Although they’re both very stable when standing, I don’t like to leave them up like that. I usually sit them on boxes or books that happen to be nearby, but it would be much nicer to have an actual couch in their scale. I really love a certain couch that Volks makes, but it is out of stock~ (And really, really expensive…)

This is the couch that I really love. I think the fabric and the detailing are amazing. I wish I could find this in a size for my own home~

Mimi currently has her default airbrushed faceup that all standard 2008 renewal Nonos have. It’s not horrible–I actually like it much more than I thought I would, particularly now that her eyes are changed from the stock acrylics. However, it doesn’t have the impact that I’d like her makeup to have. I want her to look natural, but less neutral. I’m currently toying with the idea of sending her to a “big name” artist, but I’m concerned that the look will be too overdone. Her future faceup is something I’m really thinking about.

  1. White shoes (MSD)
  2. Black shoes (SD)
  3. White shoes (SD)
  4. Commission artist to repaint Nono’s makeup
  5. Couch for display

I’ve already started working my way towards crossing off my list~ I found a darling pair of white shoes for Claire when I ordered the tweed carrying case, and the black rocking horse shoes for Mimi will be her black shoes. I’m looking at faceup artists and trying to decide who I would prefer to have Mimi repainted–hopefully that can happen before the autumn.

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