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I haven’t posted here in a very long while because I made the decision to stop write about my dolls. I thought it was taking time and effort away from my other writing, which I find much more interesting and engaging, and here I have no audience–no-one reads this except for me! This doesn’t mean that I was any less involved in the hobby, though; I’ve actually been doing quite a bit with my dolls and have been enjoying myself very much~ ★ My mind is constantly whirling with thoughts and ideas…enough that it was getting a bit annoying. I realized that I benefit from having a place to write this down, so I’m back~

When I’m looking for something to do to pass the time, I very much enjoy reading others’ doll-related blogs. Sometimes this causes me to notice or learn of things that I wouldn’t have otherwise known about. This is exactly how I found Dollfie World. Dollfie World is a Hong Kong-based shop that specializes in all sorts of dolls and accessories, such as Azone, Blythe, Licca, Momoko, Obitsu, Unoa, and Volks~ I’ve made a few doll-related “resolutions” for this year that I’m sloooooowly crossing off my list and several of them are related to footwear.

When I browsed through the Volks shoes section for SD girls (as I had just purchased a pair in MSD size), I spotted something that almost made me do a little dance–rocking horse shoes! ♥

This is the image directly from the shop~ When I saw the shoes nestled in the packaging I was very excited. I think the wooden platforms look fantastic.

I wear lolita fashion on a regular basis, and when my interest in the style started I was really enamored with rocking horse shoes. Rocking horse shoes were designed by Vivienne Westwood, and at some point they became a choice article of footwear for lolita. I don’t like wearing platforms, so I don’t own a pair for myself, but I love seeing the high wooden sole with the signature space in the heel and the criss-crossing laces.

I’d been eying similar shoes from Leekeworld for a few years, but with the current allegations regarding the potential copying of their new doll, Mikhaila from Püns by Dust of Dolls, I don’t want to spend my money with them. (A shame, too, because I adore these boots, which are replicas of a certain BABY, the Stars Shine Bright shoe. They also make gorgeous wigs…) Bambicrony also makes a similar pair of shoes, but I wasn’t really fond of the thinness of the straps.

Truthfully, I wanted the Volks pair from the start. I’d seen these when looking at pictures of the Momoko Ryugasaki doll that Volks made as a collaboration with BABY, the Stars Shine Bright. Several of her extra outfits from the film came with white rocking horse shoes, and the black pair appears to have been sold separately.

This picture gives a much better idea of what the shoes will look like on the doll’s feet. The originals don’t have that seam down the toe, but I actually like it.

I’m so excited to have found these shoes! I can’t wait until they arrive and I can try them on Mimi. I’m sure they’ll be adorable on her–particularly with the DollHeart “Rosary Springtime” dress set that I recently received for her~ ♥

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