2010 FCS Milk Tea Omukae

On various doll forums that I frequent, my username is typically “milkytea.” In 2010, “milk tea” was the theme for Volks’ full-choice system welcoming (omukae) outfits. I adored those outfits the moment that I saw them–they’re ruffled, old-fashioned, and in muted tones of ivory, dusty rose, and chocolate brown. I liked the outfits so much that at times I imagined ordering a full-choice doll just to keep the outfit. I kept my eyes open for an FCS split where I could chip in for the outfit, but none were available during the times I would check.

2010 FCS Omukae "Milk Tea"The two that I have my eye on are the SD girl and MSD girl sets, as those fit the two dolls that reside in my home.

Owning those outfits had become a distant daydream. “Someday,” I’d think, “I’ll find them for sale.” I’d seen a few “want to buy” posts for the outfits, or spotted people selling only pieces (particularly the white coats, which are fairly unpopular), but I really wanted the complete sets. The boots are particularly beautiful; because of that, they are particularly difficult to find for sale.

In mid-December I made a comment on another Flickr user’s photo…and I nearly fell off my chair when I saw a response offering to serve as a proxy for the outfits. It didn’t take me more than a second or two to make up my mind. Yes, I was serious, and yes, I wanted those beautiful dresses for my dolls! We worked out the order details as quick as a flash, and by the end of the month I saw the confirmation papers for the outfit orders.

I am so thankful to be able to purchase these beautiful outfits for my dolls. There are truly some generous and kind people in the doll community. I’m so excited~! Hopefully they’ll be ready to pick up in four to six weeks from the date the order was placed, and then the proxy will check them for quality before sending them my way. When they finally arrive I’m sure my dolls will wear only those outfits for weeks~

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