2012 Doll Resolutions

I didn’t quite get around to crossing everything off of my list of doll-related resolutions for 2012, although I feel like I made good progress. The two that I did not complete in 2011, a faceup for Mimi and a couch for the dolls, were mostly left off due to budgetary constraints. I entered the Volks lottery to purchase a new doll, Dollfie Dream Sister Ms. Mariko and thus allocated funds towards the doll purchase instead of towards a faceup and couch. (I’ll be posting about Ms. Mariko soon; I’m so very excited!)

As such, I’m carrying over my previous doll resolutions into 2012 to start off my list:
1. Commission artist to repaint Nono’s makeup
2. Volks couch for larger dolls
3. Petit Luxury furniture for Pullips (Marshmallow couch)
4. Sell Pullip Raphia
5. Smaller bust for incoming Ms. Mariko

I’ve settled on the artist that I’d like to commission for Mimi’s new makeup, and I’m hoping to be able to do that at least by the middle of the year. The couch is something I’d like to purchase before 2012 is over. It’s both high on my priorities and simultaneously not terribly high on my priorities. I don’t have any new resolutions, at least not concerning those two dolls. I’m branching out my doll resolutions for 2012 to include Pullips and Dollfie Dream, dolls that I didn’t own in early 2011.

Petite Luxury couch (Marshmallow)

This is the “marshmallow” fantasy colour for the Petit Luxury furniture series.

I currently own two Pullips, Clover and Thistle. I really adore them just as they are, with their stock faceups, stock wigs, stock eyechips, and stock outfits. (The only exception is Romantic Alice Pink ver.’s shoes; they’re terrible. Clearly they’re made for type 2 feet rather than her own type 4 feet.) I’d like a nice place to display them sitting down, and the Petit Luxury furniture is really adorable.

During 2011 I bought several Pullips; I was a bit overwhelmed about getting back into a hobby that I used to be a part of. I eventually realized that I only want two Pullips–Romantic Alice and Romantic Alice Pink ver. This left me with a few girls that needed to find new homes; the Stica head that I customized, the Bloody Red Hood that I never opened, and the Raphia that I never opened. The customized head and Bloody Red Hood found new homes quickly, but not Raphia. I’d like to actually sell her, rather than having her sit around in my closet.

DDS Ms. MarikoThis is one of the promotional shots for Ms. Mariko. It really emphasizes her…assets.

My newest doll for 2012 will be a Dollfie Dream, Ms. Mariko. She’s a vinyl doll of 1/3 scale, with a slightly shorter and slimmer proportion than a normal Dollfie Dream because she’s on a Dollfie Dream Sister body. Some of her unique features include whiteskin (she’s the first DDS with that skin tone) and a “shapely” large bust. I really adore her skintone and her face, but I’m not quite a fan of her bust. I’d like to get her a smaller bust, at least to have an an optional piece. However, there is not currently an M or S optional bust for the DDS body in whiteskin. I haven’t decided yet whether I want to use a DD piece that won’t fit quite right, or wait and see if there will be options forthcoming.

That sums up my goals for 2012, though~ I hope the next year will be a good one! (And I’ll have to put some of my doll plans on hold for a wee bit, as I was sideswiped by the new year’s Angelic Pretty lucky packs and hit my bank card on the way down. XD)

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