2012 Doll Resolutions Follow-Up

It’s that time again for doll-related goals~ I made these earlier in the year, but I hadn’t really thought about them all that much for a little bit. I tried to keep it very simple this year. There was quite a bit from last year that I just didn’t get to. It was an interesting year, though, in terms of doll purchases, arrivals, and departures. I’m looking forward to seeing how things go for 2013!

Last year’s resolutions were:

  1. Commission artist to repaint Nono’s makeup
  2. Volks couch for larger dolls
  3. Petit Luxury furniture for Pullips (Marshmallow couch)
  4. Sell Pullip Raphia
  5. Smaller bust for incoming Ms. Mariko

I didn’t make too much progress last year, but I feel pretty satisfied.

I sold all of my Pullips, which made the proposed purchase of furniture for the Pullips kind of silly. However, late in the year I purchased a Pure Neemo, which is roughly the same scale, so now I’m on the fence about having a cute piece of furniture for her to be displayed on. At the same time, it’s an extravagance I can easily go without.

Lily (my Ms. Mariko) has been wearing the smaller bust that I acquired for her since her arrival. It’s a DDII small bust, not a DDS small bust, but that doesn’t bother me at the moment. Now that a DDS small bust has been released in white skin, I might update it later this year. I feel like the DDS is made of a slightly different vinyl than the DDII was.

The Volks couch continued to be out of my price range, and the artists that I was interested in were not accepting commissions at the times that I was interested in sending Mimi’s head off.

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