2013 Doll Resolutions

I really failed at getting around to making resolutions this year! It’s halfway over already!

I guess that’s okay–because I haven’t made any progress on the things I initially thought I would aim towards, and I’ve changed my mind several times. Whoops. It’s been an interesting doll year so far! I’ve got quite a few things that I need to write about!

In the meantime, here are my current doll resolutions. I’m not going to bother yet with the things I might have considered and abandoned already. XD

  1. Commission artist to repaint SD Nono’s makeup
  2. Modify Volks Animetic 24mm Type D (RURI-KON) eyes to fit Ms. Mariko’s eye sockets
  3. Sell MSD Nagisa (Claire)

I’m actually working on finally getting Mimi’s face repainted. I’ll have more information about that, shortly!

A while ago I bought new eyes for Lily, but unfortunately they are just a tad bit too big for her eye sockets. They click against each other behind the bridge of her nose and make it impossible to actually fit both in her head. I want to file down some of the plastic of the globe to allow them both in her head; I like the size of the illustration on the 24mm eyes so I’d prefer not to get the 22mm size instead.

I used to joke that being sold was Claire’s biggest fear. Soon it will be a reality. I’m not a very sentimental doll owner, so I’m not all choked up about it. I enjoyed having a Nagisa during the years that I had her. It’s time for some change.

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