Panzer, Vor!


Miho Nishizumi, commander of Ooarai Girls’ High School’s Anglerfish Team, ready to go!

I am a huge fan of the anime Girls Und Panzer. I joke about how it was made just for me, as a series that I would love the most above all things. My little sister has dragged me along with her for a few WWII reenactments; our impressions are German Red Cross (DRK) nurses. My favourite thing about the reenactments are the vehicles. I love tanks. I think tanks are amazing. Having opportunities to be up close to tanks is really amazing! (We’ve gotten tank rides. TANK RIDES.) I also like anime about girls’ schools. Girls Und Panzer is a show about a world where schoolgirls participate in tank battles as a competitive sport. The animation for the tanks and tank battles is so well done! If it had been “eh” I never would have become such a devotee.

So far there hasn’t been a whole lot of Girls Und Panzer merchandise that I’ve been interested in. I don’t want a body pillow with one of the girls printed on it, or a tank model. I’d really love dolls of at least the Anglerfish Team girls, if not all of the teams, but I think it’s unlikely those will be produced. (I also want a Ooarai School mug, but they sell out so quickly!)

In mid-January, when I was still agonizing over the wait for the last few episodes to be released, Good Smile Company (GSC) put a Miho Nishizumi Nendoroid up for preorder.  Nendoroids are super deformed-style figures with interchangeable parts and limited pose-ability. Usually their limbs can be rotated, but not bent. I’d seen all kinds of really adorable pictures of these cute little figures; some of my friends who are devoted anime fans own several. I’m not a figure collector by any standard, so although I thought these little things were cute, there weren’t any released in characters I felt strongly attached to. (If there were Sailor Moon or CLAMP characters, then I’d change my tune…)But they released Miho, the main character from Girls Und Panzer!

I love that show! I love that character! Merchandise I was interested in! I preordered from AmiAmi right away, even though the release date was July 2013.

When July 2013 rolled around, my package was in the mail in a flash! However, it did not arrive to me in a flash. :/ I have a long term feud with postal service. They just hate delivering my parcels to me. It took several delivery attempts that were not attempted, phone calls, and registered complaints to get my box delivered to me!

Another Package Arrives!

It took forever for this box to arrive, but at least it was in good shape when it did!

A Package is Opened!

AmiAmi always includes in their boxes a cute little note about order-related issues.

Wrapped in Tissue Paper

I like that the box was braced into the shipping box with cardboard. It was less waste to throw away than paper or bubble wrap.

The Back of the Box

I like the graphic design used on the box–lots of pictures of the figure in all kinds of different set-ups and poses.

Side of the Box

More cuteness on each side!

Other Side of the Box

I love her little accessories.

Top of the Box

She’s very prominently labeled as 310.

Bottom of the Box

So, so, so cute in the tank turret!

Front of the Box

With the tissue paper removed, you can see the window looking into the figure and her accessories.

Beneath the Plastic

The tank turret is my favourite! I wish I had the model tank that it can be fitted on!

All the Pieces

The plastic tray neatly separated all of the pieces.

In the Plastic Tray

Items that ran the risk of rubbing paint onto each other or the plastic tray were separated by thin sheets of flexible plastic.

Serious Face

This facial expression is wonderful; I’m so glad that it was included! I wish they had also included Miho’s normal “worried” face.

In the Turret

I couldn’t wait to replicate the way she was shown in the turret as pictured on the box! It’s the perfect setup for her to yell, “Panzer, vor!”

Cute Commander

Her default happy face is nice, too. It’s cute to see Miho with such a bright smile.

I’m not really a Nendoroid convert, but I love this one adorable little figure! I wish they’d make the other characters from the series! ♥

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