A Tale of F-12: The Arrival

I was absolutely thrilled when my shopping service informed me that my Full-Choice System (FCS) order had shipped! I don’t really have trouble with being patient, and for dolls I try to be very open about how long it might take for the order to be processed. I didn’t expect my FCS order to be ready until late August, potentially being shipped to me in early September, so this was quite a lovely surprise!

I ordered my FCS via Enya on Den of Angels. She was offering a Tenshi no Sato shopping service, and the limited reintroduction of the F-12 MSD head was only available at the Tenshi no Sato location.

I was very pleased with Enya’s shopping service. She communicated well during all aspects of my order–when I had questions before placing the order, when I placed the order, when she traveled to Sato, when she placed the order at Sato, when my doll arrived to her when the order was complete, and when my doll was shipped to me. At no point did I feel that I was “in the dark” or unaware of what was going on. I feel that she communicated my wishes well, as there were no complications with my order. My new F-12 is absolutely perfect in every way. I’ve read about people being less-than-satisfied with the faceup results for custom faceups requested through FCS, but my doll’s faceup is absolutely everything I want it to be. If I were going to order another FCS I would consider Enya as my first choice to order via.

And now, on to the package!

A Box Arrives!
When this box was waiting at my office’s reception area, I knew immediately what it was~!

First View
After opening the box and moving the packing paper, my first glimpse showed a pair of extra hands and the omukae (welcoming) outfit.

The White Box
Underneath those was the white FCS box!

Full Choice Omukae Outfit
The omukae outfit wasn’t really to my taste, but I ordered it anyway. I figured that if I really disliked it, I could sell it, but otherwise I might find myself wishing at some point in the future that I had ordered it.

White Box
The box is really beautiful. I like the pale gold colour of the logo text.

In the Box
The contents were wrapped in sheer and thin fabric printed with angel wings.

Papers and Wig Oil and More
Tucked in the box were her papers, some supplies, and the wig that I chose.

Wig and Cleaning Supplies
FCS dolls come with oil spray, a hairbrush, and a cleaning sponge. I like that it’s like getting a small “care package” with your new doll~

Pigtail Wig
I chose one of the pigtail wigs; it’s my favourite style. This is the “natural” shade, which is a dark brown that almost appears black.

Foam-Wrapped Mummy
There was a funny-shaped foam wrapped figure underneath all the other stuff.

Tiny Knees
I saw her knees first when I slowly unwrapped the foam padding. I liked that her little hands seemed to be wearing boxing gloves of foam.

Star of the Show
And there she is! I was totally blow away by how pretty she is!


Cute Little Face

Big, Big Eyes
Her faceup is absolutely and utterly PERFECT. ♥

Sitting Pretty
She’s just so cute! I wanted to take tons of pictures even though she was not dressed and her face was still covered.

Adorable Hands
Her hands are FCS-only, clenched loosely into fists. I love them!

Ohhhh, Right
I totally forgot that her ears were separate, so when I saw them tucked in with her registration and papers it was confusing for a moment.

Without Ear!
Because her head is considered a “fairy” style, it does not have ears sculpted as part of the mold. Instead, there were several options of ears that are available to order. I picked the human ears, because even though the fantasy ear options were pretty I felt that I’d be unlikely to actually use them.

The ears are inserted into the small holes on either side of her head. Each hole is lined with a bit of squishy material to provide grip and avoid grating resin on resin.

With Ear!
Here’s her with the ear successfully installed! It wasn’t very hard, but I was really worried that I would push incorrectly and break the post off.

Welcome, Welcome!
I dressed her in the omukae outfit so that I could see what it looked like on a doll. I think she’s cute even without a wig!

With the Shoes
The outfit comes with some really awesome platform sandals. I’m glad that I opted for the FCS-only feet with the big toe separated from the others, making it possible for her to wear thong sandals easily.

With the Wig
She looks really adorable in the wig that I chose with the order, but the outfit’s hair accessory doesn’t really “work” with the pigtails. XD

Temporarily Together
I wanted to put the hair accessory on her, so I looked through the MSD wigs I have and chose this one. I think I’d like to see her in paler colours, but I shouldn’t buy any new wigs just yet. It’s very tempting, though!

I really adore her~ ♥ I’m so glad I decided to order her!

Now I just need to think of a name. I am so awful at naming dolls…

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