Wigs, Wigs, Wigs!

I couldn’t wait to see how different styles and colours of wigs look on my new F-12. ♥ I love her darling face! I’ve been itching to place an order with Crobidoll for some wigs, but I’m trying to hold out for another month or two. It’s not like I’m lacking in wigs. XD

Last night was a wig-only photo shoot. Honestly, she looks cute in all of them!

Short Bob - Cream

Short Bob – Cream
This was always my favourite wig to see on Claire. It looks pretty darn adorable on F-12, too. The bob cut is very flattering, and the shade of the wig matches her eyebrows.

Natural Waffle - Rich Brown

Natural Waffle – Rich Brown
This is actually an SDCute/YoSD wig, but it fits F-12’s head better than it fit on Nagisa. (It was more stretched on Nagisa.) I think the length is cute, and the rich colour is nice with her dark eyelashes.

Long Natural Wave - Cream

Long Natural Wave – Cream
I never liked this wig on Claire, but it gives F-12 a very mori-girl or natural-kei look. It’s romantic.

Mi-chan Original Wig - Natural Gold

Mi-chan Original Wig – Natural Gold
This wig is one of my favourites, and I love it on F-12! I’m so glad that I was able to keep it when I sold Mi-chan. The colour and style are basic, but so pretty together!

Side Ribbon - Honey Gold

Side Ribbon – Honey Gold
I am addicted to this FCS-only wig style. These pigtails are the best pigtails. This is an FCS-only colour, too, and it’s fantastic. It’s very yellow, like sunshine. It makes her faceup seem brighter.

Side Ribbon - Natural Gold

Side Ribbon – Natural Gold
This one is also really cute on F-12; this brown is a great shade of brown. And the hairbows on this one actually match this outfit.

Side Ribbon - Natural

Side Ribbon – Natural
I didn’t own any wigs in this shade of dark brown until I placed this FCS order. It’s a really nice shade; it lives up to its name, looking very natural. Her eyelashes are so dark that it fits well even though her eyebrows are much lighter.

I don’t know which style I like best on her, but I’m glad that there weren’t any I actually disliked. It’s fun to switch up wigs~ I’m really bad at positioning eyes, so I prefer to swap wigs than eyes. It’s much easier for me. It’s going to be hard to resist placing that Crobidoll order I’m fantasizing about…

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