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As part of their online store remodel, Volks USA announced an online lottery for a collection of One-Off dolls. On May 1, 2014, the online shop was updated with the One-Off models available. The deadline for lottery entry was May 10, 2014. Originally, Volks USA planned to announce the winners on May 14, 2014, but due to the volume of entries this was delayed to May 15, 2014.

I hadn’t been aware of the One-Off models until a friend texted me about them, and as soon as I loaded the page I was full of wonder. I didn’t plan on entering for any of the dolls, in the interest of not spending money and not increasing my number of dolls. I thought I would be tempted by the Lieselotte One-Off model, as she’s one of my current favourite dolls to stare at in other people’s pictures… but when I saw the page for her, I thought that she was cute, but not my style.

I felt an immediate twinge of regret when I saw the Miruku One-Off. I’ve always liked Miruku, just in a general kind of way, but this one was painted in a way that I really liked.

Body: SD Girl
Skin Color: Pureskin White (UV)
Artist: Kinoko
Eyes: 20mm “White Ash Gray” Glass Eyes
Wig: W-357D-B552
Dress: VOLKS Doll Planning Department (SB-SD16G-038)

I showed her to my husband and expressed my mild frustration at seeing such a beautiful One-Off when I couldn’t justify entering for her. He was sympathetic, but overall he agreed that it was best if I didn’t enter. As the days ticked towards the end of the lottery, his opinion changed. I was still smitten with the One-Off, and he was gradually more and more convinced that I needed to enter the lottery to get closure. His thoughts were that I’d enter and I wouldn’t win, but I’d feel better about it than if I didn’t enter and didn’t win. On the last day for entries, I let him persuade me and I entered.

Amazingly… I won. ♥

When I opened the email, I thought it was telling me that I didn’t win. I was so surprised to see that I did win that I almost fell out of my desk chair! A coworker who came into my office with a question a few seconds later thought some relative of mine had died, because I looked so shocked! XD I refused to believe it was real until I got the invoice from Volks USA to pay for it… but sure enough, that invoice arrived. My husband was almost more joyful than I was when I shared the news with him, haha~ Volks USA confirmed my payment, and now I’m excitedly awaiting the dolls to be shipped from Japan to the USA so my new girl can make her way to me~! ♥

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