One-Off Miruku’s Arrival

When I got the email yesterday afternoon indicating that there was a parcel for me in the pick-up center, my heart leapt! It was my Volks USA one-off from their Grand Reopening Celebration–SD Miruku! I hurried over to claim the package, but I didn’t get to open it until my work day was over and I returned home.

Traveling box!

The box and I jostled home on the train, much to the confusion of other passengers. I was very thankful that I leave my office just before rush hour–I would have had to wait for so many trains if they were actually jam-packed with commuters. I was lucky to have space to set the box down, giving my arms a rest. It isn’t a very long ride, and after a short walk my box and I were safely home~!

I followed the tracking number closely, so I was fairly sure I could expect my package to arrive yesterday, so my house was clean and ready for unboxing.

I made my husband take this dorky picture of me with the box, haha.

Alice and the Box


And then, armed with my trusty Xacto knife, the opening began!

First Glimpse

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I like these drawer-style boxes, so success! ♥

Doll Box (No Plastic Edition)

The wig and papers were on top, immediately visible when I opened the box from the Volks logo end.

Opening the Box

Wig and Papers

Under more bubble wrap… finally I can see doll cushions~

Bubble Wrap Removed

At this point, I made some kind of weird strangled “squee” noise that my husband joked was probably only audible to dogs. I was surprised, but not very surprised, to see that the doll was already dressed. It made me feel like she was assembled, photographed for the lottery, and nestled back in her box.

First Glimpse

I love how securely her head was wrapped. Even with all that bouncing around on the subway, I felt safer when I saw her space helmet and all that tape and foam.

Miruku's Wrapped Face

Her outfit isn’t really my general style, but I admire all the details! The grommets and charms and chains on her shoes were so delicate~

Shoes and Socks

Very carefully, I sat her up and started to remove her face protection.

Cover Removed

I was so happy to see that her head was signed inside by the artist, Kinoko! Her signature is SO CUTE! (“Kinoko” is a common Japanese word for “mushroom,” hence the cute little mushroom face!)

Kinoko's Signature

Her wig is very pretty; it matches the colouration of her faceup so well~

Wearing the Wig

My cute-cute-cute little one posing with her certificate~

One-Off and Certificate

Ahhh, I’m so happy to have her home~ ♥ I think she’s absolutely perfect; I’m so lucky to have been the one who was able to welcome her. I haven’t decided on a name yet, nor have I changed her wig and clothing. I definitely will, and soon, but right now I want to enjoy her just the way she is. I’m totally smitten with her.

Leather and Chiffon

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