A Triumphant Return

Surprise! Some Boxes

Last Monday, after coming home from a long day, I received quite a surprise: two packages! After a hectic day at work and presenting a final project during my evening class, it felt like quite a reward~ Claire had been off with Zingor, receiving new makeup more suited to a little girl, and my portion of a Volks full-choice system split. I really adore a lot of the FCS wigs–especially the pigtailed ones. (I think I’ve already complained about pigtail wigs not being parted down the back…) Continue reading »

She Has Arrived

Well, that much-awaited day finally arrived. My package from Crescent Shop was delivered safely, and I now have a Volks MSD “Nagisa in Preschool” to call my own.

Yesterday started off a bit on the rough side. I had left the city to visit relatives on Friday night, hoping to return Saturday morning. I don’t own a car because I use public transportation, but this means that when I am out in the suburbs I am subject to the whims of whoever is kind enough to take me to the train station. I had plans for part of the day, so I couldn’t stay out until any old time, but I didn’t end up on a train heading back in until just after noon~ I worried the whole way, because I had an appointment to meet with Claudia’s new owner and transfer her. Continue reading »

Waiting and Receiving

Recently I purchased a ball-jointed doll from Rosette Doll, a subsidiary of SOOM. Although I have known about ball-jointed dolls for years, I never wanted one for myself. It was enough to admire their detailed sculpts and interestingly engineered bodies from afar. I would poke around the Peakswoods website from time to time, ensnared by Yeru‘s sweet, lovely face ever since spotting her a long time ago on the Luts website. Sometimes I would spot a particularly beautiful photo that someone had taken of their ball-jointed doll, and think about the kinds of creative things I could do if I owned one. Continue reading »