A Triumphant Return

Surprise! Some Boxes

Last Monday, after coming home from a long day, I received quite a surprise: two packages! After a hectic day at work and presenting a final project during my evening class, it felt like quite a reward~ Claire had been off with Zingor, receiving new makeup more suited to a little girl, and my portion of a Volks full-choice system split. I really adore a lot of the FCS wigs–especially the pigtailed ones. (I think I’ve already complained about pigtail wigs not being parted down the back…)

The Doll Returns

I was really nervous about opening up the box with Claire’s head. During the month that her head was away, I got married, winter semester came to a close, my taxes caused all kinds of complications, and my now-husband was let go from his seasonal position instead of permanently hired. Worrying about financial issues, I had entertained thoughts of selling my doll once she was in one piece. I didn’t think I really missed her all that much, and it just seemed like clearing everything out would be a good idea.

When I opened the box, though, I decided against putting her up on the Marketplace just yet~ ♥

Smooth-Fingered Hand

Zingor was kind enough to do one extra service for me–sanding down her fingertip. One of her fingers had an odd, rough little patch; now it’s smooth and soft. I really appreciated that she could accommodate my request. Although I certainly could have sanded it myself, I felt much better knowing that someone else with skill and experience was taking care of it. (Not to mention I don’t have the supplies.)

Mummy Doll Head

She was returned to me exquisitely packed–almost as obsessively as I had sent her! All of my packing materials were carefully reused, with the head swaddled in many sheets of bubble-wrap, the hand equally cushioned, and the wig stuffed and neatly packaged. She stood in very minimal danger from the United States Postal Service, which is really an important thing, because the Chicago-area branch is very rough with packages. I was very happy to see she was so well-secured!

That New Girl

Her new makeup is absolutely exactly what I wanted. She looks cute and sweet, with a smile instead of a pout. It’s hard to capture her new look in pictures, but I really enjoy it in person~ She looks so sweet, especially with her big blue eyes~ I don’t have a single critique or thing I want to change about her new look. It isn’t as “striking” or “interesting” as Nagisa in Preschool’s default makeup, but I really like it so much more. Claire feels more like “mine” now that her appearance suits my aesthetic more. It makes me want to dress her up in lolita fashion and adorable children’s clothing~ ♥ Too bad Shirley Temple doesn’t make clothes for ball-jointed dolls~


Reunited...Sort Of

Reconnected Again

Within Box #2...

The second box contained the two wigs I’d arranged for, a brush, and some spray. I worried a bit that the wigs wouldn’t be quite what I wanted–either they’d be unimpressive, or not quite the colours I had in mind, or something else! I didn’t want to regret having spent so much money and waiting several months, after all~

The split leader, Rilah, was very communicative and shipped very promptly. I had these wigs in my possession only a few days after the complete order arrived at her house. Now I’ve got my eye on entering a split for the new welcoming outfit~ How can I really resist something that is not only cute, but involves my user name! (To my knowledge, the new outfit series is called “Milky Tea.”) I’ll just have to put it off for a little while–I’d like new clothes for myself first!

"Are These for Me?"

So Many Goodies

W-45N (10 - Classic Gold)

The “classic gold” wig, colour #10, is quite a dark, lustrous brown. I adore the fibre that Volks uses for their wigs–it’s so soft, fine, and shiny. I am very jealous that I cannot have such nice hair… Le sigh. However, the jumbo curl of the pigtails was already starting to separate a bit just from being taken out of the wig net and packaging, so I foresee having to be quite careful of this style. I don’t want it to look ratty and unkempt, since it’s so darn cute! I thought I’d be more partial to this darker color, but now that I see it in person I find that the “honey gold” really captures my heart–especially with Claire’s new makeup~

I keep trying to get better, less icky-indoor-light pictures. Maybe this weekend I can take some out-of-doors~

Cute Doll; Messy Room

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